April 21, 2022

How Does Canada Know About your Criminal Record?

Under Canadian immigration rules, anyone convicted of a crime, no matter how minor, maybe criminally inadmissible. This indicates that if you are labeled as criminally inadmissible, you will be denied entry to Canada due to criminality. A criminal record can have a negative impact on your permanent residence and even inhibit you from wanting to stay in Canada. This includes convictions for minor to major offenses such as Theft, Manslaughter, Dangerous Driving, Possession of or trafficking drugs or controlled substances, Assault, and Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


But how does the Canadian Government know about your criminal record?

To guarantee the protection of its citizens, Canada and the United States consider sharing criminal history details via travel documents. Whatever method you use to enter Canada, you must show a passport and any visas you have to a border patrol agent at the border checkpoint (land, air, sea). Once your passport has been filtered, an immigration officer will have access to your national criminal history review as well as your state police documentation, which may lead to questioning or perhaps even denial of entry. At the border, there really is no preponderance of the evidence, so even charges pending can prompt an immigration attorney to question a traveler further.

Passengers lists are also received by border patrol agents at international airports, who can conduct a background investigation on any passenger on a specific flight. If someone on an inbound flight has a criminal history, they will almost certainly be flagged and detained when they arrive in Canada. If you want a report similar to the one seen at a Canadian border, you should get your own FBI criminal history report.

Even in other countries apart from the USA, an individual’s records are ascertained. At times of PR Application, you are asked to submit your police records that evidently say what criminal acts you have acted and what not. Thus, at no cost, your criminal inadmissibility is avoided if you are applying for a Canadian PR Visa. The Canadian authorities will find out about it anyhow! But fortunately, there are ways that can help you apply for Canadian permanent residence with a criminal record that you can learn with the Applying for Canadian Permanent Residence with a Criminal Record guide.

Thus, applying for a Canadian PR Visa is not easy, and that too with a criminal record. You need someone who is professional and has valuable experiential insights about the process - a licensed consultant - Regulated Canada Immigration Consultants. Need help with a criminal record? We are here for you!

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