April 17, 2023

Portugal Invites Many Digital Nomads Under New Visa Plot. How Does it Work?

If you're tired of the 9-to-5 office grind and want to work remotely from a stunning location, Portugal has good news for you. The country has launched a new digital nomad visa, which allows remote workers to live and work in the country for up to 12 months. Since its launch in October 2022, Portugal has approved 200 digital nomad visas, with most applications coming from Brazil, the UK, and the USA, according to the country's Ministry of Affairs.

An alternative to D7 visa: How Portugal's digital nomad visa works

The new visa, officially known as the “residence visa for the exercise of professional activity provided remotely outside the national territory,” is aimed at working professionals. It's an alternative to the existing 'D7' visa, a popular residency permit primarily designed for retirees and 'passive income' earners. To qualify for the digital nomad visa, applicants must come from a country outside the EU or EEA, be self-employed or employed by a company based outside Portugal, and earn at least four times the Portuguese minimum wage per month - roughly €2,800.

Applying for Portugal's digital nomad visa: What you need to know

If you are interested in applying for Portugal's digital nomad visa, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, you must be a citizen of a country outside the European Union or European Economic Area. Secondly, you must be self-employed or employed by a company based outside of Portugal, and earn at least four times the Portuguese minimum wage per month (roughly €2,800). To apply for the visa, you will need to provide proof of income for the last three months, tax residency documents, and a contract of employment (or proof of self-employment). These documents will be used to demonstrate that you meet the income requirement and are able to support yourself during your stay in Portugal. You can apply for the visa at a Portuguese Consulate in your home country or at Portugal's immigration agency, Pelican Migration Consultants. It is recommended that you apply for the visa before traveling to Portugal, as it may take several weeks or even months for your application to be processed.

Portugal's Appeal to digital nomads: A Haven for remote work

Portugal has gained a reputation as an ideal destination for digital nomads seeking a conducive environment for remote work. The country's dynamic urban centers, breathtaking coastal scenery, and favorable cost of living are just a few of the attractive qualities that make it a popular choice for this group. Lisbon and Porto are highly sought-after cities for remote workers, as they offer an array of co-working spaces and reliable internet connectivity. Moreover, a digital nomad village has been established in Ponta Do Sol, located along the stunning coastline of Madeira island, providing a dedicated community for this growing workforce. Whether it's the stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, or thriving business ecosystem, Portugal has become a haven for remote workers seeking a balance between work and play.

Remote work trend accelerating worldwide: 30 countries now offer tailored visas

The trend of remote work has accelerated worldwide since the pandemic, with at least 30 countries now offering some kind of visa tailored to remote workers. Besides Portugal, countries like Malaysia, Croatia, Costa Rica, and Mexico have launched digital nomad visas, recognizing the appeal of remote work to both workers and the local economies.


In conclusion, Portugal's new digital nomad visa provides an excellent opportunity for remote workers looking to work and live in a country with a welcoming culture, stunning landscapes, and a relatively low cost of living. With its excellent infrastructure and growing popularity among digital nomads, Portugal is an ideal destination for those looking to work remotely from a new location.

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