October 25, 2023

How Can I Get Freelance Visa in Portugal?

Being a freelancer, moving to Portugal would have a lot of significant advantages. You can perform your entire job duties from anywhere in the world because they are all accessible online. Many people who are required to work from home because of lockdown restrictions are shocked to learn how many benefits this working arrangement has.

  • You can reside in Portugal and carry out business with clients in any other nation.
  • Portugal provides a great climate and the chance to live on the Atlantic coast.
  • By making an investment in Portugal, one may be granted a legitimate residency visa. The ability to reside in Europe temporarily may eventually lead to full citizenship there.
  • Segurança Social, a tax that the independent contractor must pay, has a rate of 21.4%. However, only 70% or even 20% of the profits might be subject to taxation.
  • If you have a valid Portuguese residency card, you can enter any EU country without a visa.


How to start a freelance business as an ex-pat in Portugal?

You should be aware that Portuguese legislation does not expressly address the demands of international freelancers if you are a freelancer (presumably with clients in various countries) and wish to relocate to Portugal and work there. In other words, you cannot simply arrive in a country and say that you wish to reside and work there. There are many ways to acquire a legal residence in Portugal, such as through investments, family reunions, job contracts, and so forth.

In Portugal, having a NIF is necessary to start your own business. You must select the proper legal structure for your company when submitting your application. Before starting a freelance business, non-EU citizens must also think about visa restrictions.


How to get a freelance work visa in Portugal?

In Portugal, anyone can start a freelancing business. EU citizens are able to register directly at the financials office. However, individuals from other nations must first get a visa in order to begin employment. The D2 visa, the startUP visa, and the self-employed visa are the three main categories of work visas. The following documents must be presented, although each of them has particular requirements:

  • Passport
  • Proof of consistent access into Portuguese territory
  • proof of financial means of survival
  • evidence of accommodations
  • Your native country's criminal history
  • a copy of your criminal history from your most recent place of residency (if it is not Portugal), or consent for SEF to check your criminal history in Portugal
  • Proof of social security number and NIF tax authority registration


How do I create a freelance profile in Portugal?

For the foreign national to be granted permission to live in Portugal and carry out self-employment there, the following steps must be taken:

  • You require a tourist visa in order to legally enter Portugal.
  • Obtain a taxpayer identification number (NIF), and a social security number (SSN), in Portugal.
  • Establish a bank account. It is crucial that you finish this work because it will significantly affect how you live in Portugal.
  • Register with the municipality where you intend to live as a sole proprietor (Atividade). This is necessary for taxes reasons.
  • Rent a hotel room or an apartment. In order to apply for legal residency in Portugal, you must already have a place to call home and be able to provide the necessary documentation to prove it.


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