April 3, 2024

High-demand Career Opportunities for Architectural and Scientific Managers in Canada

The architectural and scientific research sectors in Canada are experiencing a significant increase in demand for skilled professionals, especially Architecture and Science Managers. With the pandemic amplifying this need, ample job opportunities are on the rise, offering promising career prospects for individuals seeking to establish themselves in Canada.

Architectural and Scientific Management Roles in Canada (NOC 20011)

In Canada, Architecture and Science Managers are experiencing a surge in demand, leading to both job expansion and enticing compensation packages. With annual salaries ranging from $69,300 to $157,700, professionals in this sector enjoy competitive pay that exceeds industry standards.

Varied Career Opportunities

Architecture and Science Managers enjoy diverse career paths, spanning public and private sectors, architectural firms, and research companies. This diversity enables professionals to expand their expertise, tackle fresh challenges, and advance their careers.

Embracing the Advantages of Working in Canada

Architecture and Science Managers in Canada enjoy numerous benefits, including job security and comprehensive healthcare coverage. Moreover, the country's inclusive and diverse culture fosters personal and professional growth opportunities.

Delving into the Responsibilities of Architecture and Science Managers

Architecture and Science Managers are essential in overseeing and coordinating various activities within their fields. They are responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating projects to ensure their successful execution.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Architecture and Urban Planning Managers

  • Strategize and oversee architectural and urban planning services.
  • Formulate policies to uphold quality standards.
  • Recruit and train personnel for optimal performance.
  • Liaise with clients to present proposals and reports.

2. Science Managers

  • Supervise research, development, or production in scientific settings.
  • Set guidelines for scientific and technical operations.
  • Coordinate project teams and monitor their progress.
  • Engage with clients to address project requirements and outcomes.

Salary Insights

Below are the median hourly wages for Architecture and Science Managers in various regions across Canada:

Community/Area Low ($/hour) Median ($/hour) High ($/hour)
Canada $36.54 $54.76 $81.95
British Columbia $36.54 $46.70 $75.00
Ontario $37.02 $60.44 $77.38
Quebec $35.90 $54.85 $96.15
Manitoba $28.57 $56.41 $72.31
Newfoundland and Labrador $38.15 $51.59 $68.27
Saskatchewan $31.25 $38.46 $61.54
New Brunswick $35.93 $50.19 $69.45


Job Outlook

From 2022 to 2031, Canada anticipates approximately 18,700 new job vacancies for Architecture and Science Managers. This presents a golden opportunity for immigrants from countries such as India to capitalize on the growing demand and secure promising positions in these flourishing sectors.

With the ongoing expansion of Canada's architectural and scientific research industries, the demand for skilled professionals like Architecture and Science Managers remains robust. Offering competitive salaries, diverse career pathways, and a welcoming work environment, Canada provides an ideal setting for individuals aspiring to build a successful career in this field.

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