October 26, 2023

Get your D2 visa Portugal from India.

Are you an entrepreneur wishing to relocate from India to Portugal? Portugal is a stunning nation, and many people long to call it home. Fortunately, there is a visa alternative called the Portugal D2 Visa for Indians who want to relocate to Portugal. If they develop or purchase a firm in Portugal, entrepreneurs may apply for a D2 visa there. The visa enables one to obtain a residence permit and all of its advantages, including the ability to live in Portugal and travel to other Schengen nations without a visa.

The D2 Visa often takes more than three months to get. Business requirements are relatively lax: candidates are free to launch firms in any industry without seeking Portuguese business incubators' approval. These elements make the D2 Visa one of the most alluring routes for settling in Portugal.


What exactly is a Portugal D2 Visa?

The D2 Visa is a business residency visa in Portugal. To obtain one, an applicant must establish a new firm or purchase a stake in an existing business. The D2 Visa has no minimum investment requirement. However, applicants must demonstrate that they have the necessary cash to establish and run their businesses. Housing and funds to reside in Portugal for a year are also necessary.

The visa is valid for four months. At this time, an entrepreneur must enter Portugal and apply for a residence permit, allowing them to immigrate to Portugal, establish a business, and work. A resident's permit in Portugal is good for two years after acquiring a D2 visa, and it can be renewed for an additional three years. After residing in Portugal for five years, one may apply for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residency.

A residency permit for family reunification enables members of an entrepreneur's family to immigrate to Portugal. Businesspeople and their family members must stay in Portugal for at least six months every year to maintain residency.


Who can obtain a Portugal D2 Visa?

If an entrepreneur satisfies one of the following requirements, they may apply for a D2 Visa:

  • purchase stock in or a firm from Portugal;
  • possess a business abroad and intend to establish a branch in Portugal;
  • a thorough business plan for a new firm in Portugal should be submitted.

There are no restrictions on the applicant's choice of industry, and there are no limits on profitability or employment generation. However, candidates must attest that their firms will benefit Portugal's economy and society and that they have enough cash on hand to invest in their businesses thanks to their business plans.

The following additional prerequisites apply to Portugal D2 Visa applicants:

  • a minimum age of 18;
  • a clean criminal record;
  • to have possessed or rented a home in Portugal;
  • should attest that they have sufficient funds to eke out a year of living in Portugal;
  • purchase health insurance.

Applications for residence permits for family reunification can be made by an entrepreneur's spouse, their children, and their parents. To get residency, adult children and parents must demonstrate their reliance on the D2 visa holder. Additionally, the family must certify that they have a place to reside and enough money to do so in Portugal.


Procedure for obtaining a Portugal D2 visa in detail

Step 1: Compile all required paperwork: Prepare your business plan, financial documentation demonstrating your ability to launch a business, and all necessary personal paperwork. To acquire all of the information for the application, you might need to consult with experienced consultants.

Step 2: Submit a D2 Visa application: Make an appointment to submit your application at a Portuguese consulate in the nation where you currently reside or were born.

Step 3: Await approval to obtain the visa: The typical processing time for visa applications is up to 60 days. The visa will then have adhered to your passport.

Step 4: Obtain a visa for Portugal: The four-month visa validity period. During this time, you must travel to Portugal and make an appointment with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) to submit a residency application and biometrics. Once approved, wait to get your residence permission


How much does a D2 visa for Portugal cost?

The biggest expense for applicants is company investment, but there are other expenses as well. Although there is no minimum requirement, an entrepreneur must certify that they have adequate cash to operate their business.

Candidates must also demonstrate that they have the financial means to support themselves while living in Portugal. The necessary amount is taken into account because the minimum monthly wage in Portugal is €705. The required sum for a year is at least €8,460. In Portugal, renting or buying a home is required, however, there are no restrictions on the price or size of an apartment.

Health insurance and government fees are less expensive than the prior line items. Additionally, legal services may be required; the costs vary depending on the supplier.


Portugal D2 Visa Advantages

Immigration to Portugal:

One of the main goals of foreigners applying for a D2 Visa is immigration to Portugal, a developed European nation with a high level of safety. With a moderate climate, the chance to live by the Atlantic Ocean, and access to reasonably priced but nonetheless excellent healthcare and education, the nation draws ex-pats.


Operating a company in Portugal:

The nation is regarded as a trustworthy jurisdiction with a sound banking system and economy. The Doing Business 2020 study claims that launching a business in Portugal and conducting international trade while a firm is registered there are simple processes.


Tax reduction:

To pay less in taxes for the first ten years of residency, people can qualify for Portugal's advantageous Non-habitual Resident status. With this status, one is only required to pay 20% tax on income generated within Portugal and no taxes on money acquired abroad. Businesses in Portugal can also reduce their tax burden, particularly if they are incorporated in Madeira or the Azores.


Visiting the Schengen Area without a visa:

Out of 180 days, you may spend 90 days in this zone; any time spent in Portugal is not included.


Application for citizenship after five years.

If an entrepreneur stays in the country for five years and achieves A2 proficiency in Portuguese, they may then seek citizenship or permanent residency. In contrast, you must have lived in Greece for at least seven years, Italy for at least ten years, or Spain for at least twenty years before you can apply for a passport.


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