October 25, 2023

Find out how much does a Portugal D7 visa cost?

Because of its better quality of life and safe environment, Portugal is a well-liked vacation spot for seniors and families. Portugal has also passed a variety of tax breaks and immigrant visas that make moving easier.

In 2007, the Portuguese government created and implemented a special kind of visa known as a D7 Visa. Essentially, this visa makes it possible for non-EU citizens to apply for residency in Portugal. Frequently, potential applicants ask about fees. Let's quickly look over the costs for the D7 Visa. We'll also discuss the general cost of living in Portugal.


What is the cost of a Portugal D7 visa?

Compared to other nations and visas, the government expenses for a D7 Visa are typically relatively affordable. The cost often falls between €50 and €300. This fee applies to each applicant, including you and your family members.

Please be aware that you must fulfill the passive income requirements. In order to qualify for a D7 visa, you must earn at least €8,460 per year on average. This is based on Portugal's minimum wage, so before you begin your application, be sure to review the most recent income requirement.

Additionally, bear in mind that legal fees could be incurred depending on the company you select to do business with. The majority of a person's salary is often spent on moving to and maintaining a lifestyle in Portugal rather than the visa application itself. The cost of living in Portugal will now be briefly reviewed.


The cost of living in Portugal

Rent & property costs:

Portugal is reasonably priced when measured against the rest of Western Europe. Recent retirees frequently travel to Portugal because of the country's affordable prices. Portugal is also full of intriguing activities, making it a great area to live in. A centrally located one-bedroom apartment will cost about €800 for a couple to reside there. The average monthly cost to rent a place to live in Lisbon, the capital, is about €1,200. Again, pretty respectable when compared to other significant cities in Europe.

Portugal also ranks quite highly on the cost list for buying real estate. Portugal costs, on average, €1,090 per square meter. This cost is more than twice as much in places like France or the UK.


Portugal's food prices are often inexpensive when compared to those of other European nations. If you haven't noticed it yet, this is a common trend. There are sizable traditional markets in practically all cities and towns, including Lisbon. This is near an intersection with the typical supermarkets. In general, it is assumed that a couple would need to spend $200 a month on groceries if they were to shop in Portugal. Depending on how fancy your cuisine tastes, this varies.


The cost of basic utilities is fairly reasonable in Portugal. A tiny flat in Portugal is thought to cost about $90 per month for power, heating, and water. Bills only ever arrive every two months in Portugal, thus when the bill does, it will certainly be double what was just mentioned. However, the owner or renter of a house or apartment shouldn't typically expect their utility costs in Portugal to be prohibitive.


Now, if you're an American, you might not be accustomed to affordable healthcare in most European nations. Portugal still has these reasonable prices when compared to the rest of the world. Health insurance is thought to cost between €20 and €50 per month in Portugal. Your age and other unique circumstances play a role in this. So, generally speaking, depending on the types of coverage and plans you choose while residing in Portugal, you can anticipate paying between €400 and €1,000 per year.


Would you like to migrate to Portugal?

A D7 Visa is the most effective way to get residency in Portugal. You and your immediate family will also be able to travel within the Schengen area of Europe without requiring any additional visas thanks to a D7 Visa. As immigration regulations and laws are always changing and difficult to comprehend and follow, it is advisable to contact Portugal Immigration Consultants who can help and guide you through the procedure. To ensure that you present yourself to the Portugal Immigration Department in the best possible light, we offer customized one-on-one guidance. We support clients by calculating their odds of receiving a visa, helping them prepare for and receive feedback from interviews, and developing a unique immigration strategy plan for each client independently.

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