November 9, 2023

Filipino nurses crucial for Canada’s healthcare, experts say.

Canada's healthcare system is undergoing a significant transformation, with Filipino nurses playing a pivotal role in sustaining and enhancing its capabilities. The nation is currently grappling with a critical nursing shortage, and Filipino nurses have emerged as the dependable solution to bridge this gap. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the indispensable contribution of Filipino nurses to Canada's healthcare system and the multifaceted aspects of their recruitment process.


The Filipino Nursing Exodus

In the bustling streets of Manila, Mary Joy Dizon, a dedicated nurse in the Philippines, stands outside the small medical clinic at the North Harbour Port. Her dedication is unquestionable, as she diligently works even during her supposed day off. She, like numerous other Filipino nurses, harbors a dream – a dream of providing her 15-year-old son with a brighter future through education. In a country where nursing is a noble calling but rarely leads to financial security, the allure of Canada's promises beckons.

Filipino nurses like Mary Joy are deeply committed to their profession in the Philippines, but financial constraints, challenging working conditions, and limited career growth opportunities have forced them to explore greener pastures abroad.


Canada's Growing Reliance on Filipino Nurses

The statistics may underestimate the true extent of their contribution, but Filipino nurses are the backbone of Canada's healthcare system. In 2021, approximately four percent of regulated nurses in Canada were graduates of Filipino nursing schools, as per data from the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI). However, this figure does not account for those who play vital roles in healthcare beyond the formal nursing designation.


The Recruitment Process Unveiled

Over the past year, Canadian government officials, politicians, and healthcare leaders have embarked on trips to the Philippines to actively recruit nurses. These recruitment missions underscore Canada's commitment to addressing its nursing shortages. Provinces often rely on private recruitment agencies to find nurses, with hundreds of such agencies operating in the Philippines. The scale of this endeavor is reflected in the substantial financial investments made, with recruitment agencies being awarded significant contracts to source and bring nurses to Canada.


The Filipino Perspective

The decision for Filipino nurses to leave their homeland is complex, driven by a desire for a better life, improved salaries, and the opportunity to support their families. Many Filipino nurses work multiple jobs in the Philippines, striving to make ends meet while nurturing dreams of a more balanced life in Canada.


The Role of the Philippines Government

The Philippines government plays a significant role in this migration. They recognize overseas workers, including nurses, as modern-day heroes who significantly contribute to the country's economy. Remittances from overseas workers constitute a substantial economic driver, accounting for approximately 10 percent of the Philippines' GDP. However, the government acknowledges the limitations imposed by Canada's credentialing system, which has historically posed challenges for recruiting large numbers of nurses.


Canada's Ongoing Dependency

Canada's reliance on Filipino nurses isn't a recent development. This symbiotic relationship between the two countries began in the 1960s, coinciding with the establishment of publicly-funded healthcare systems in Canadian provinces. The need for nursing talent was undeniable, and the Philippines emerged as a reliable source.


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