January 16, 2024

Exploring Post-Golden Visa Alternatives

In recent news, Portugal has made a significant move by closing the chapter on Golden Visas for real estate investments as of October 7th, 2023. This development has left many potential investors pondering the status of their immigration prospects and opportunities in Portugal.

While the traditional Golden Visa route, focusing on real estate investments, may no longer be available, it's crucial to understand that alternative avenues still exist for obtaining Golden Visas. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the evolving Portuguese immigration landscape, exploring remaining pathways to Portuguese residency and citizenship, specifically through investment funds, D7 visas, and D2 visas.

Investment Funds: A New Horizon for Golden Visas

The closure of the Golden Visa program for real estate has generated interest in alternative pathways, with investment funds now taking the spotlight. Although property investments have traditionally been the preferred choice, investment funds offer a compelling option. While it's important to recognize that investment funds carry inherent risks, diligent research can lead to secure opportunities.

One promising avenue within investment funds is the opportunity presented by a chain of private schools planning expansion in Lisbon. Renowned for their prestige and consistent returns, these institutions provide a stable and potentially lucrative investment option. Despite the end of real estate-focused Golden Visas, secure alternatives thrive through carefully selected investment funds.

D7 Visas: A Steady Path to Residency

The D7 visa in Portugal is an attractive alternative, particularly for individuals with limited capital. Unlike the substantial investments required for Golden Visas, the D7 visa necessitates a modest monthly income of 765 euros, sourced from rent, dividends, or pensions. For those lacking passive income, investing in property with yields exceeding 765 euros can make them eligible for D7 visa applications.

However, it's essential to note a significant difference from the Golden Visa program. While the Golden Visa mandates only a brief stay in the country, the D7 visa requires applicants to become tax residents and spend over 183 days per year in Portugal. This visa category caters to individuals with consistent passive income, encouraging a steady financial contribution to the Portuguese economy.

D2 Visas: A Gateway for Entrepreneurs and Investors

The D2 visa in Portugal presents an intriguing opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. Unlike the Golden Visa, it lacks a strict minimum investment requirement, although a recommended amount of 50,000 euros is suggested. To qualify, applicants must either establish their own business or invest in an existing one.

One of the significant advantages of the D2 visa, similar to the Golden Visa, is its absence of mandatory stay requirements. This flexibility is further enhanced by a provision in the law: applicants can be exempted from mandatory stays if they can demonstrate that their absence is necessitated by professional or business obligations or engagements of a cultural or social nature.

For example, engaging in a unique and innovative proptech company under the D2 visa offers the perk of not paying buyer's commissions on property transactions, potentially saving up to 5% on purchases. Depending on the property's price, the investment fees can be recouped upon property acquisition, making this option particularly advantageous for those aspiring to buy property in Portugal.

Conclusion: Embracing the New Chapter

In conclusion, the closure of the real estate-focused Golden Visa program in Portugal marks the start of a new chapter in the country's immigration landscape. While some doors may have closed, a diverse array of alternative options remains accessible for aspiring immigrants. Investment funds offer a secure path for those willing to conduct thorough due diligence, providing opportunities in established and successful ventures. The D7 visa appeals to individuals with consistent passive income, encouraging a steady financial flow into the Portuguese economy. Entrepreneurs and investors find solace in the flexibility of the D2 visa, allowing them to balance their international commitments while establishing a foothold in Portugal.

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