April 17, 2024

Family Relationships in Express Entry: Providing Evidence of Kinship

Canada's immigration system prioritizes family unity, allowing Express Entry applicants to include their family members in their permanent residence applications. To substantiate familial ties, specific documents must be provided alongside the application.

Express Entry applicants can bring their spouses, common-law partners, and dependent children to Canada. These family members must be marked as dependents on the Express Entry application, regardless of whether they plan to accompany the applicant.

Family Members in Express Entry: Proving Relationships

Express Entry applicants must furnish evidence of their relationships as part of their applications. This typically involves legal documents demonstrating the familial ties. For instance, marriage certificates serve as proof of spousal relationships. These certificates should affirm that the marriage was legally recognized in the country where it occurred and would be valid in Canada.

People in common-law partnerships must provide comprehensive evidence of their relationship. They need to submit a form declaring their common-law status, provided by IRCC. Additionally, proof of cohabitation for at least 12 months is required, supported by documents such as utility bills, housing leases, and bank statements.

To establish the relationship with dependent children, proof must be provided. For biological children, birth or baptismal certificates suffice, while families using assisted reproduction methods may need additional documentation. Legal adoption documents are required for adopted dependent children.

Remember, alongside providing legal documents confirming your relationship with your dependents, you must also demonstrate your ability to support them. In the Express Entry journey, showcasing financial stability is crucial. Bank statements displaying your financial assets serve as strong evidence. Additionally, having a job offer in Canada can bolster your case significantly.

Boost Your CRS Score by Including Your Spouse or Partner

Adding your spouse or common-law partner to your Express Entry application could elevate your CRS points. Spouses can accrue points for their education, work experience, and language proficiency, potentially enhancing your overall score.

If your spouse or common-law partner has a stronger application profile, you might want to designate them as the primary applicant for Express Entry. This strategic decision can optimize your chances of success in the immigration process.

Getting Married During Express Entry

Celebrating marriage is a joyous occasion, but it can raise questions about its impact on your immigration status. If you're planning to get married during the Express Entry process, it's crucial to inform IRCC. This ensures that the Canadian government is aware of any changes in your family composition and can assess your admissibility. Remember, your spouse's admissibility also affects yours, making this step mandatory, whether or not your spouse plans to accompany you to Canada.

Similarly to couples who were married before beginning the Express Entry application process, it's crucial to gather essential documents to include with your application, such as a valid marriage certificate. Upon notifying IRCC of the marriage, applicants will receive updates regarding any further steps required for their application and additional documentation.

Pelican Migration Consultants: Facilitating Smooth Migration to Canada via Express Entry

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