October 18, 2023

European Countries Where You Can Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa.

Since the onset of the pandemic, remote work has become more prevalent than ever, allowing individuals the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Recognizing the potential to boost tourism and attract skilled professionals, several European countries have introduced digital nomad visas, offering non-EU citizens the opportunity to legally work and reside in their territories while enjoying the benefits of remote work. In this article, we will explore the various European countries that offer digital nomad visas, providing information on visa length, application fees, income requirements, and unique features of each destination.



Country Albania
Visa length One year, with the possibility to renew for up to five years
Application fee Based on reciprocity
Income requirement Estimated €9,800/year


Nestled in the Balkan Peninsula, Albania offers breathtaking natural landscapes and a low cost of living. The country introduced the 'Unique Permit' in 2022, allowing digital nomads to stay and work for up to one year, with the option to renew multiple times. To qualify, applicants need proof of employment with a foreign company, relevant qualifications, a local bank account, a housing contract, health insurance, a clean criminal record, and sufficient funds to support themselves.



Country Croatia
Visa length One year, with the possibility to renew
Application fee Around €60
Income requirement Around €2,300/month


Renowned for its stunning coastline and sunny weather, Croatia launched its digital nomad visa in 2021. The one-year residence permit is available to non-EU/EEA citizens working in the field of communication technology, either through their own registered company or as remote employees. Croatia exempts remote workers from income tax and allows close family members to apply for temporary residence.



Country Cyprus
Visa length One year, with the possibility to renew for two years
Application fee €70
Income requirement €3,500/month


Cyprus introduced its remote work visa in 2021, initially offering 100 visas, later increasing to 500. Non-EU nationals working for an employer registered outside Cyprus can apply. Digital nomads can bring their families, although family members are not permitted to work in Cyprus. The country's rich history and beautiful Mediterranean beaches make it an appealing destination.


Czech Republic

Country Czech Republic
Visa length Up to one year
Application fee €200
Income requirement Must have €5,000 in your bank account


The Czech Republic offers a long-term business or freelance license known as the 'zivno' visa. It caters to non-EU citizens freelancing or running their own businesses. Digital nomads can establish ties with a Czech company to gain local freelance work opportunities. With its affordable living costs and fairytale castles, the Czech Republic provides a unique backdrop for remote work.



Country Estonia
Visa length One year, with the possibility to extend by six months
Application fee €100
Income requirement €3,500/month


Estonia, known for its digital advancements, launched its digital nomad visa in 2020. The visa allows individuals working remotely for foreign companies or freelancers with primarily international clients to stay in Estonia for up to one year. Applicants must have earned at least €3,500 net per month in the six months prior to their application. Estonia also offers e-residency, providing access to its digital services for remote entrepreneurs.



Country Finland
Visa length Six months
Application fee €400
Income requirement €1,220/month


Finland, renowned for its untouched nature and ranking as the world's happiest country, offers a self-employment visa specifically designed for non-EU entrepreneurs. This visa allows individuals to establish themselves as self-employed or run an independent business in Finland. With a visa length of six months, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to explore the country's natural wonders and immerse themselves in the Finnish way of life while pursuing their business endeavors.



Country Greece
Visa length One year, with the possibility to extend with a residence permit
Application fee €75
Income requirement €3,500/month


Greece, known for its mesmerizing islands and year-round sun, has introduced a program that welcomes non-EU citizens to live and work remotely in the country. This initiative allows individuals to experience the beauty of Greece while maintaining their remote work lifestyle. With a visa length of one year, applicants have the option to extend their stay by obtaining a residence permit, providing an opportunity for a longer-term experience in Greece.



Country Hungary
Visa length One year, with the possibility to extend
Application fee €110
Income requirement €2,000/month


Hungary, renowned for its relaxing thermal baths and low-cost living, offers the 'White Card' visa program for non-EU digital nomads employed remotely outside the country. The visa initially grants a one-year stay in Hungary, with the possibility to extend beyond that period. It's important to note that under this scheme, individuals are not permitted to work for a Hungarian company. Furthermore, the 'White Card' visa provides additional benefits as tax exemption for the first six months of stay, allowing digital nomads to make the most of their time in Hungary.



Country Iceland
Visa length Six months
Application fee €86
Income requirement €7,075/month


Iceland offers a remote work long-term visa program for individuals with high incomes, providing an opportunity to experience the country's stunning landscapes and vibrant culture while working remotely. The visa lasts for six months, and applicants must have a minimum monthly income of €7,075 to qualify. Freelancers and employees of foreign companies are eligible, but working for Icelandic employers is not allowed. The application fee is €86, and during the visa period, applicants are not considered tax residents of Iceland. Explore Iceland's outdoor wonders and embrace a unique work-life balance in this unforgettable destination.



Country Italy
Visa length One year with possibility to renew
Application fee TBC
Income requirement TBC


Italy, home to iconic cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, is a treasure trove of art, history, and culinary delights. The country is developing a new visa program for digital nomads, offering the chance to work remotely while enjoying the country's relaxed lifestyle and breathtaking scenery. Details, including the visa length, income requirement, and application fee, are still being finalized. The program aims to attract highly skilled individuals and may require health insurance, a clean criminal record, and tax compliance in Italy. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting opportunity for remote professionals seeking an immersive work experience in Italy.



Country Latvia
Visa length One year, possibility to renew for a second year
Application fee TBC
Income requirement At least 2,857.50€/month


Latvia, nestled in the Baltic region, is known for its captivating blend of medieval towns, stunning nature, and warm hospitality. Latvia is in the process of developing a digital nomad visa program. The visa will initially be granted for one year, with the option to renew for an additional year. While the application fee is yet to be determined, applicants must meet an income requirement of at least 2,857.50€ per month.



Country Malta
Visa length One year
Application fee €300
Income requirement €2,700/month


Malta, a Mediterranean island nation, offers a Nomad Residence Permit designed for remote workers and freelancers employed by companies outside the country. The permit has a duration of one year and is open to non-EU nationals. Originally, nomads were informed that they would be eligible for a tax exemption as long as they continued to fulfill their tax obligations in their home country. However, there have been legal complications surrounding this promise, which are currently being addressed and resolved. For those seeking a more permanent stay in Malta, the country introduced the Startup Residence Scheme in 2023. This scheme offers a three-year residence permit to third-country nationals who invest a minimum of €25,000 in the country. If the business proves successful, the permit can be extended for an additional five years, potentially leading to long-term residency.



Country Montenegro
Visa length Two years, with possibility to renew for another two
Application fee TBC
Income requirement TBC


Explore the wonders of Montenegro, a haven for adventurous hiking and a cost-effective lifestyle. The digital nomad visa program, announced in 2021, opens doors for non-EU citizens to reside in Montenegro for an initial period of two years, with the option to renew for an additional two years. While specific details regarding the application fee and income requirement are yet to be determined, the early stages of the program are set to launch this year, with full application availability anticipated around 2025. Digital nomads who participate in the scheme can enjoy the benefits of tax breaks, although the precise details are still awaiting confirmation.



Country Norway
Visa length Up to two year
Application fee €600
Income requirement €3,000/month


Norway, a paradise for mountain climbers and a hub for local businesses, offers a residence permit and independent contractor visa program for eligible non-EU digital nomads. This program grants the opportunity to live and work remotely in Norway for a duration of up to two years.



Country Portugal
Visa length One year
Application fee TBC
Income requirement €2,800/month


Portugal, located on the Iberian Peninsula, launched a digital nomad visa on 30 October 2022. This visa, officially known as the 'residence visa for the exercise of professional activity provided remotely outside the national territory,' offers exciting opportunities for non-EU citizens. Designed for individuals employed or self-employed by a company outside of Portugal, this visa provides a pathway for digital nomads to live and work in the country for up to one year.



Country Romania
Visa length One year
Application fee -
Income requirement €3,950/month


Romania, with its rich history and vibrant culture, has introduced a digital nomad visa tailored for non-EU citizens. This visa allows individuals to live and work in Romania for a period of one year, offering an immersive experience in this captivating country. To be eligible for the digital nomad visa in Romania, applicants must meet certain requirements. These include having health insurance, a clean criminal record, and proof of income exceeding €3,300 per month from a company outside of Romania. This income requirement ensures that digital nomads have a stable source of income during their stay. President Klaus Iohannis recently signed a new bill that clarifies tax requirements for digital nomads in Romania. Those who stay for extended periods under this visa will be exempt from paying income tax, social security contributions, and social health insurance contributions. It's important to note that individuals benefiting from this scheme should not exceed a stay of 183 days within a 12-month period in Romania. Additionally, digital nomads who have tax residence in another country are not obligated to pay taxes in Romania under this program.



Country Spain
Visa length One year, with possibility to renew for up to five years
Application fee €80
Income requirement €2,334/month


Spain, famous for its stunning beaches and relaxed lifestyle, offers a digital nomad visa program that combines beach escapes with attractive tax breaks. The visa allows individuals to stay in Spain for one year initially, with the option to renew for up to five years. The application fee varies depending on the country of application, typically around €80. To be eligible, applicants need to meet an income requirement of €2,334 per month. Embrace the sun-soaked beaches and favorable tax benefits while pursuing your remote work dreams in Spain.


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