January 20, 2024

Embrace the Golden Years in Portugal: Discover a low-cost haven with a high quality of life for your retirement journey!

Portugal's inexpensive cost of living, safety, advanced infrastructure, pleasant climate, and excellent healthcare draw elderly foreigners from all over the world.

Whereas the D7 Visa necessitates documentation of a passive income earned outside of Portugal, the Portugal Retirement Visa provides two paths for immigration to Portugal. Retirees can also apply for residence permits under the Portugal Golden Visa Program by investing a minimum of €250,000.

Find out why retirement is deemed a dream come true in Portugal and how to apply for residency there.

9 Reasons Why Portugal is a great place to retire

Portugal is regarded as a tranquil nation with a good standard of living. Known for its exquisite cuisine, luxurious beaches, and a wealth of history and culture, it is one of the safest countries in Europe.

1. Retirement residence programs. Portugal offers several immigration options to foreigners and is a hospitable and friendly country.

To enter Portugal, nationals of the EU are not need to apply for a visa or residency permit. similar to those with passports from Switzerland and the EEA. In order to reside in Portugal, they must obtain a Registration certificate.

Within 30 days of their arrival in Portugal, they must apply for this certificate at their local council. After the date of issuance, the Registration certificate is valid for five years.

A visa is required for retirees from non-EU nations to relocate to Portugal. They have to apply for a residency permit after arriving in Portugal.

2. Free travelling through Europe. Portuguese nationals are allowed up to 90 days out of 180 days to enter the 26 Schengen states without a visa.

3. The rate of law crimes. Portugal is ranked seventh among the world's safest countries in the Global Peace Index 2023, which is in the top 10. The people are friendly and open to foreigners. In Portugal, families with children feel secure and at ease.

4. The weather is nice. Portugal experiences nearly constant sunshine. August is the warmest month. The average daytime temperature in Lisbon is +27.8°C. August and September are the warmest months for the water. Throughout the year, the average temperature varies between +13°C and +19°C.

The winters are pleasant. In January, Lisbon experiences an average daily temperature of +14.7°C. Snowfall is infrequent and melts fast. It is typically observed in mountainous regions.

5. A sizable Portuguese expat community. Living in Portugal will introduce you to many international retirees from over the globe, and the number of expats is still rising.

The Algarve region of southern Portugal is the most popular retirement destination, with retirees from the US and Britain having previously settled there.

6. Spoken word. Portugal is home to a large English-speaking population. When it comes to second-language English proficiency, it ranks eighth in the entire globe. The Portuguese city with the greatest English-speaking population is Porto, followed by Coimbra and Braga.

7. Tax system that benefits. A 10-year special status of Non-Habitual Resident can be granted to newly registered Portuguese tax residents. Portugal imposed a flat 10% tax on non-habitual residents' overseas pension income.

8. Excellent quality of healthcare. Portugal has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. In Portugal, senior citizens typically have decent access to healthcare.

9. The chance to obtain Portuguese nationality. After five years of residency, retirees are eligible to petition for Portuguese citizenship.

With a Portuguese passport, you can live in any EU nation and visit 172 countries visa-free. If the applicant's home country's laws permit citizens to become citizens of another state, they won't have to surrender their national passport.

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