February 3, 2024

Dreaming of Working in Portugal? Here’s Your Go-To Guide and Popular Job Vacancies!

There are plenty of work options for foreigners in Portugal, so those who plan to visit and apply for a residency card there shouldn't worry too much. Learn more about the current state of the Portuguese labor market, the most sought-after positions for foreign workers in Portugal, and if obtaining a job in Portugal requires a work visa.

The Portuguese labor market is expanding rapidly and opening up to more and more foreign workers. Approximately 660,000 immigrants currently reside in the nation, accounting for 3% of all state workers. Portugal is the country of choice for most foreigners looking to relocate because it offers excellent living circumstances, a pleasant temperature, a vibrant culture, mouthwatering food, and a promising expat labor market.

Which employment in Portugal are open to foreigners? Let's continue our conversation.

What is the current state of the Portuguese labor market?

Nearly every minute, more and more Portuguese-based technology companies hire people from all over the world. It can be challenging to get employment in a more conventional industry if you don't speak Portuguese. In other words, people who speak Portuguese or any other language have different opportunities on the labor market in Portugal than people who exclusively speak English.

1. Portuguese-speaking jobs for foreigners in Portugal

Speaking Portuguese will increase a foreigner's chances of finding highly skilled positions in Portugal, such as those of an architect, accountant, engineer, doctor, or lawyer.

2. Portugal has openings for English speakers

- Be employed by a global corporation

Finding employment is getting easier for foreigners in Portugal as a result of the growth in multinational corporations in the country. Giants in the market like Google, Amazon, and Uber call this state home. You must speak English fluently to get hired here, while proficiency in other European languages is definitely an advantage. Generally, you need a higher education diploma in order to work here.

- Software and IT sector

Lisbon has a large number of open positions for developers in the software and IT sectors, and there are also more employment openings in marketing.

- Jobs in startup businesses

Lisbon has developed into a startup hotspot during the past five years, increasing the amount of options available to English-speaking immigrants.

- Travel and hospitality

For a long time, working in tourism and real estate has been a popular choice for foreigners. English-speaking individuals are in high demand in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve, where tourism is at its height, at restaurants, pubs, and hotels. English is a need for companies in the hotel industry. Though the majority of Portuguese people are fluent in English, knowing other languages—such as French, Spanish, or German—would be a huge benefit as these are highly sought after in this line of employment.

- Operate in assistance offices.

Portugal has a lot of call centers. Obtaining employment here is rather easy as you don't require any particular credentials.

English proficiency is one of the qualifications; knowledge of other languages is advantageous. The ability to withstand stress is the second prerequisite.

Lisbon and Porto have the highest concentration of call centers. Some of the largest are listed below:

One of the most well-known customer service organizations in Portugal are:

  1. Connecta Group, which has 400 experts working for it. Seeking personnel who speak Spanish, Portuguese, and English.Applying directly is possible via their website.
  2. Teleperformance operates globally, with offices in Lisbon, Porto, SetuŁbal, and Convillana.Additionally, you can use the website to find jobs and filter results based on language.Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. Apple; Sitel; TAP Air Portugal.

- Language Schools in Portugal

In Portugal, there are several educational institutions where English can be taught. Group or one-on-one instruction is also an option. It's a good idea to take the TOEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language course before you go to boost your chances of securing this job. The British Council, Oxford School, Wall Street English, and Royal School of Languages are the largest English language schools in Portugal that are actively seeking new students.

- Seasonal Work

There is a severe scarcity of English-speaking labor in Portugal throughout the summer. For instance, the Algarve's numerous restaurants, surf camps, hotels, and hostels will fight for older workers, particularly those with strong English skills.

Additionally, you might want to think about working at one of the many call centers with headquarters located in Portugal if you're searching for a summer job that would allow you to spend your free time touring the city and unwinding on the beach.

Popular positions in Portugal for foreigners

The following workers are in high demand in Portugal:

  1. Backend and frontend web developers;
  2. Sales representatives;
  3. Waiters; bartenders;
  4. Customer support service agents (both in call centers and in large corporations);
  5. Team leaders,
  6. Online game support experts,
  7. Real estate brokers,
  8. Verbal and written translators,
  9. Accountants,
  10. Project managers,
  11. Mobile test engineers

These are just a few of the positions that need to be filled.

Portugal jobs for digital nomads

These days, a lot of remote workers find it quite alluring to combine freelancing with living in Portugal because it allows them to have flexible work schedules and travel around this amazing nation. For this particular group of foreign nationals, a unique digital visa has even been created.

In Portuguese companies, there are openings for the following positions:

  1. copywriting and content production;
  2. social network management;
  3. graphic design;
  4. marketing;
  5. and translator

How can foreigners obtain employment in Portugal?

The majority of foreigners use the Internet to look for work in Portugal. These sites include LinkedIn, Indeed, Hays (in Portuguese), Jobs in Lisbon, Top Language Jobs, Learn4Good, Glassdoor, Net Empregos (in Portuguese), and Empregos Online.

What wage ranges and working conditions exist in Portugal?

In Portugal, a full workday consists of eight hours, or forty hours a week.

Portugal's minimum salary is set at 760 euros per month as of January 1, 2023. The monthly average is 1,100 euros. These pay scales will be pertinent to the tourism, hospitality, and customer service industries. Still, there are enough jobs with larger monthly salaries.

Is a work visa required in Portugal in order to work?

Without a visa, EU nationals are permitted to work in Portugal. In order to enter the Portuguese Republic, foreign nationals must first have a work permit and a visa. The process and set of paperwork are contingent upon the foreign national's employment status and nationality.

Seeking the advice of an exceptionally competent immigration consultant will assist you in determining your prospects of finding work and migrating in Portugal, learning about the required licenses, and putting together the necessary relocation package.


In summary, Portugal's job market for foreigners is rich with opportunities, driven by a growing economy and a welcoming environment. The diverse sectors, including Portuguese-speaking roles and positions for English speakers, highlight the breadth of options available. From call centers to language schools and seasonal roles, there is a high demand for a variety of skills. Additionally, Portugal's appeal extends to digital nomads, offering unique opportunities with a special digital visa. The comprehensive insights into wages, working conditions, and visa requirements provide a thorough understanding of the dynamic Portuguese job landscape.

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