March 21, 2024

Do Portugal Student Visa Holders Have the Option to Bring Dependents?

As an individual pursuing studies in Portugal, you may wonder about the possibility of bringing your dependents along. Fortunately, Portugal offers avenues for family reunification, allowing you to have your loved ones by your side during your educational journey. However, certain requirements must be met, and a thorough understanding of the process is crucial.

Eligibility Criteria

To bring your dependents to Portugal, you must demonstrate your financial capability to support them. Additionally, your dependents must fall under specific categories, including:

  1. Domestic partner or sponsor
  2. Minor children
  3. Unmarried adult children dependent on you due to illness or disability
  4. Application Process

The process for bringing dependents to Portugal involves several steps:

  1. Requesting Authorization: Initiate the process by requesting authorization for family reunification from SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras). This application typically takes up to 60 days to be processed.
  2. Visa Application: Upon approval of the authorization request, your family members have 90 days to apply for a visa. This can be done at the Portuguese embassy in their country or through an appointment at the SEF bureau if they are already in Portugal. Visa processing may take three to six months.

Required Documents

Your family members will need to provide various documents, including:

  • Proof of SEF’s authorization for family reunification
  • Recent photographs
  • Evidence of family connection (e.g., birth certificate)
  • Passports or IDs of all parties involved
  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal
  • Financial documentation demonstrating your ability to support your family
  • Criminal records (not applicable to minor children under 16)

Moreover, all documents issued in a foreign language must be translated into Portuguese by a Portuguese notary.

Visa Costs

The visa fee for adult family members is €90. The duration of the family visa corresponds to that of your own visa.

Benefits of Family Visa

With a family visa, your dependents gain access to various privileges, including:

  • Enrollment in primary and secondary schools
  • Pursuit of studies and employment opportunities in Portugal
  • Access to the country’s social welfare system, healthcare, and social security


Bringing your dependents to Portugal while pursuing your educational endeavors is indeed possible, thanks to the country's family reunification policies. By adhering to the application process and providing necessary documentation, you can ensure a smooth transition for your loved ones to join you in this enriching experience. Plan ahead, fulfill the requirements, and embark on your academic journey in Portugal with the support of your cherished family members by your side.

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