March 6, 2024

Discover Calgary: Your Path to Immigrating to Canada

If you are in the Middle East looking to immigrate to Canada, Calgary awaits with its enticing mix of vibrant urban living and awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

Situated in the center of Alberta, Calgary is a thriving metropolis that is tucked away next to the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. It's a place where families and individuals can prosper, well-known for its kind residents and excellent standard of living.

Not only is this city expanding, but it is thriving. Opportunities abound in Calgary, a city with a robust economy supported by a variety of businesses and cultures.
It is also a city for outdoor enthusiasts, as the Canadian Rockies, which are close by, provide an ideal setting for sports like skiing and hiking. You can always find an outdoor adventure nearby if you live in Calgary.

Discovering Your Calgary Home: A Guide to Housing Options

A wide range of housing alternatives are available in Calgary, a city renowned for its vibrant growth and diversified communities, to accommodate all budgets and lifestyles. Calgary offers something for everyone, whether you're seeking for a peaceful suburb or the hustle and bustle of city life. This guide will assist you in locating the ideal residence in this energetic city.

Exploring Calgary's Neighborhoods: Your Essential Guide

Every neighborhood in Calgary has a distinct personality. For individuals who prefer city life, downtown districts like the Beltline are ideal, while Aspen Woods and Lake Bonavista offer a more suburban atmosphere. Think about things like how close facilities, schools, and places of employment are.

Access Online Resources to Aid Your Search

When looking through postings and gaining a sense of what's available, websites like and are excellent resources. For more possibilities, don't forget to look through the community forums and local classifieds.

Before making any selections, it is strongly advised to see potential residences and neighborhoods in person. Virtual tours and internet resources can offer a useful perspective, but nothing beats being in the space and community in person. An in-person tour gives you a genuine sense of the community's environment, security, and facilities.

Navigating the Rental Process in Calgary

If you're not ready to settle down in one place or are new to Calgary, renting can be a fantastic alternative. Above all, never sign a contract or rent a property without first inspecting it. It's important to view the property as is since descriptions and photos can be deceptive. You can meet prospective landlords or neighbors during this visit, ask questions, and check the property for any problems that might not be visible from the internet. You can make sure that the area you decide to call home actually fits your needs and expectations by taking the time to personally consider your possibilities. For your rental application to be fully processed, you will often need to submit a few essential papers. These frequently include documentation of your income, such as current pay stubs or an employment letter attesting to your capacity to cover rent. Additionally, you will require identity credentials such as a passport or driver's license. Landlords may also ask to see your credit report in order to determine your creditworthiness. In order to provide prospective landlords an idea of your dependability as a tenant, references—often from prior landlords—are also frequently needed.

Exploring Calgary's Streets: A Guide for Newcomers

Navigating Calgary's streets can be an exciting adventure for newcomers, offering a glimpse into the city's vibrant culture and diverse neighborhoods. From the bustling downtown core to the serene suburban streets, each area has its own unique charm and amenities to discover. With a well-connected transportation system and helpful navigation apps, getting around the city is convenient and accessible for residents and visitors alike.

The Public Transportation System in Calgary

The foundation of city mobility in Calgary is an effective public transportation system. One important part of Calgary's light rail transit system is the C-Train, which provides a rapid and environmentally responsible means of getting throughout the city. It connects the business district, downtown, and a number of neighborhoods via two main lines. In addition to the C-Train, the city's vast bus network offers complete coverage, reaching places where the light rail does not. These services are well-liked by both frequent travelers and guests because they are reasonably priced and convenient.

Calgary's Bicycle Infrastructure

Calgary has improved its bike infrastructure significantly in recent years. To promote a healthy and eco-friendly form of transportation, the city has created a vast network of bike lanes, pathways, and designated routes. Well-maintained and ever-expanding bicycle lanes demonstrate Calgary's devotion to cycling, whether you're riding to work or taking in the picturesque routes along the Bow River.

Navigating Calgary's Roads: Essential Driving Tips

Driving enthusiasts will find a clean and well-maintained system of roads and highways in Calgary. It's imperative to be ready for winter driving conditions, though. Having an emergency pack on hand and fitting your car with winter tires are crucial because driving on snow and ice can be difficult. Keep abreast with weather forecasts and adjust your trip schedule accordingly.

Uncovering Calgary's Most Walkable Districts

Calgary is a city that embraces walkability in addition to cars and public transportation. The pedestrian-friendly streets of Kensington, Stephen Avenue, and 17th Ave are well-known. These districts are ideal for leisurely strolls and absorbing the local urban culture because they are teeming with shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The Education System in Calgary

The extensive educational system in Calgary meets a variety of learning demands at all educational levels, from primary to post-secondary. The city, which has several public and private schools, takes great pride in providing high-quality education. Calgary is home to prestigious universities including Mount Royal University and University of Calgary, which are renowned for their wide range of academic offerings and research opportunities. When it comes to colleges, two that stand out for their practical, career-oriented courses are Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Bow Valley College. These establishments are crucial in molding the knowledgeable and proficient labor force of the city.

Calgary's Healthcare system

Residents of Calgary have access to a broad range of medical services through the public healthcare system, which is a part of Canada's larger healthcare network. Residents must enroll in the publicly financed Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) in order to receive healthcare services. This program guarantees the free provision of basic medical care.

The procedure of acquiring the required health insurance and navigating the Calgary healthcare system, which differs based on immigration status, must be familiar to newcomers. Your requirements for health insurance may be different if you are an international student immigrating compared to those who are temporary employees or permanent residents (PRs). International students, for example, frequently require private health insurance, although temporary employees might be covered by their employer's plan. Those who become permanent residents by way of Express Entry or other immigration procedures are usually eligible for provincial public health insurance. It is essential to comprehend these differences in order to guarantee continuous access to healthcare services in Calgary.

The Foothills Medical Centre and the Peter Lougheed Centre are two of Calgary's many renowned hospitals, both of which are renowned for providing high-quality healthcare. A wide range of clinics and healthcare facilities, in addition to these hospitals, guarantee that locals receive complete medical care.

Calgary's Major Industries and Employment Market

The vibrant and varied employment market in Calgary is a reflection of the city's thriving economy. The energy industry, especially that of oil and gas, is centered in the city and has long been a major economic engine. Nonetheless, other industries including technology, finance, and renewable energy have grown in Calgary recently, expanding the city's job market. Because of these industries, people looking for career progress and innovation find Calgary to be an appealing place.

Prospects for Immigration to Alberta's Calgary.

The Alberta Advantage migrating Program (AAIP) provides skilled professionals with various avenues to permanent residence, making it an attractive option for individuals contemplating migrating to Calgary or any other city in Alberta.

Through luring and keeping in Alberta those who are prepared for the workforce, this program seeks to bolster the province's economic expansion. Applicants that possess the knowledge and expertise that employers in Alberta are looking for, particularly in Calgary's important industries, may have an advantage.

Applicants should intend to start or purchase a business in the province of Alberta, or they should have the requisite experience to fill employment needs. They should also exhibit the ability to provide for their families. This program is jointly managed by the governments of Canada and Alberta.

Succeeding candidates under this program may apply for permanent residency status with their dependant children, spouse, or common-law partner. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is in charge of processing applications for permanent residency, and the federal government is in charge of making the final decisions about these submissions.

The AAIP now follows these pathways:

  1. Graduate Entrepreneur Stream,
  2. Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream,
  3. Alberta Opportunity Stream,
  4. Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway,
  5. Alberta Express Entry
  6. Farm Stream,

Navigating Your Canada Immigration Journey with Pelican Migration Consultants

Immigrating to Calgary from the Middle East holds the promise of a new beginning in a vibrant Canadian city. Pelican Migration Consultants is here to guide you through the immigration process and help make your transition to Calgary smooth and successful.

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  3. Understanding Requirements: We'll assist you in understanding the requirements for immigrating to Calgary, including eligibility criteria and documentation needed.
  4. Streamlining Processes: Our consultants will streamline the immigration processes, saving you time and effort in completing paperwork and fulfilling requirements.
  5. Post-Immigration Support: Once you've arrived in Calgary, we'll continue to support you with settlement services and advice to help you integrate smoothly into your new home.

Let Pelican Migration Consultants be your trusted partner in making your dream of immigrating to Calgary a reality.

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