January 10, 2024

D7 Visa Requirements

The D7 visa, the ultimate route to citizenship in Portugal, is rapidly gaining notoriety. But why is Portugal's particular visa category becoming so well-known in many Asian nations? How can I obtain a D7 visa? Let's look at the facts and discover what the D7 visa requirements are.

The Portuguese passport, which is ranked as the sixth-strongest passport, is regarded as the best for businesspeople, investors, and retirees since it offers the best lodging and travel options in a tranquil and healthy atmosphere. In addition, after five years, you can rejoin your family and apply to become a permanent resident.

Portugal, a member of the European Union, provides non-EU nationals, Swiss nationals, company owners, and retirees the opportunity to gain permanent residency in Portugal through reliable and profitable passive income. The D7 visa's primary defense is that it is a generally admirable effort on the part of the Portuguese government to boost its economy. If a person has a clean criminal record and enough money to support themselves, they can apply for it by giving the SEF their supporting documentation and biometric information. After submitting the application, the applicant is given a temporary visa, then a residential visa, and finally, after five years, a permanent visa.

What criteria apply to D7 visa income?

The candidate must have had a pension, salary, or other passive income for the past 12 months in order to qualify for the D7 visa stream:

  1. €7.980 for the primary applicant
  2. €3.600 for spouse or secondary applicant
  3. €2.160 per child

The individual should also:

  1. Give evidence that he has the resources necessary to operate a business in Portugal.
  2. Has experience in investment activities
  3. Has no criminal history
  4. Possess sufficient independence to engage in any financial activity
  5. Has a service agreement or proposal in place with any business.

What papers are needed for the D7 visa?

The following is some required paperwork for someone applying for this visa:

Application Form D7

  1. Evidence of a residence in Portugal (rented or owned property)
  2. No criminal history record check
  3. Current passport
  4. Your most recent six-month bank statement
  5. Documentation of passive income (for about 12 regular months)
  6. Reliable health funds and travel insurance

How Pelican Migration Consultants can help you migrate?

The Portugal D7 Visa sometimes referred to as the Digital Nomad Visa or Passive Income Visa, is a fantastic choice for non-EU nationals who want to live in Portugal, such as digital nomads. The D7 Visa is also an option for retirees who make enough passive overseas income to support themselves.

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