January 10, 2024

D7 visa Portugal from India

Foreign nationals may reside in Portugal using the D7 Visa, also referred to as the Passive Income Visa. International retirees, investors, remote employees, and independent contractors who live off their monthly income are particularly drawn to it. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as a passive income visa.

Passive income is defined as money that can be sustained and obtained with little to no effort. Investments, pensions, rental income from real estate, money received from selling personal property, and other passive income streams are all included.

You must prove that you have the bare minimum income required to live comfortably in Portugal.

Visa type: Residence Permit

The D7 Visa is essentially a resident visa that allows you to apply for a residence permit in Portugal. You are given two admissions and a four-month stay in Portugal the first time you utilize it. After arriving in Portugal, you will then submit an application for the real residence permit together with further supporting papers to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

If SEF accepts your residency permission, they will issue you a resident card with a two-year validity period. After then, it can be renewed every two years. After five years, you can apply for a visa for permanent residence in Portugal.

Families are reunited

Your family members have the right to seek residence permits when you do so with a D7 Visa. This is based on the law requiring family unification.

The owner of a residence permit is allowed to bring along family members who are currently residing abroad with them. The members must be dependent on the application or live with them. It doesn't matter if the family connections existed before or after the resident entered Portugal.

The types of family members who qualify for the visa are listed below:

  1. Your partner or spouse
  2. Your underage or disabled children who are related to the couple or one of their spouses or partners
  3. Children of age who are dependent on the couple or one of the spouses, who are not married, and who are enrolled in a Portuguese educational institution
  4. If your spouse or partner is dependent on you, either your parents or their parents.
  5. Siblings who are under your supervision, as determined by the home country's competent authority, are minors. Portugal needs to accept the judgment as well.

The SEF in Portugal is where you can submit your request for family reunification. The members must substantiate their connection to you as well as their lodging and means of subsistence. They will also be given a residence card after their application is accepted. The length of the right to occupy will be the same as yours.

D7 Residency Rights and Benefits

You are granted certain privileges in Portugal as the holder of this residency permit. You won't require special authorization due to your foreign status. The rights granted by this visa are listed below:

  1. Utilizing the National Healthcare Service
  2. Having access to schools and the Portuguese National Education Service
  3. Having access to basic and ongoing professional training in Portuguese, as well as retraining
  4. Having access to the Portuguese legal system and being shielded from it

D7 visa - Migrate to Portugal from India

Step 1:

You must first visit the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your place of residence. There, you must submit a visa application. The initial visa will be issued by the relevant authorities.

You require a Portuguese bank account, evidence of long-term housing in Portugal, proof of income, and clear criminal history.

Therefore, you must rent or buy property in Portugal before submitting your initial visa application. If you have Portuguese friends or acquaintances, ask them to write a statement as evidence of your accommodations. It must specify that you share a residence with these people. Once your application is accepted, you'll be given a double-entry visa to Portugal good for four months.

Step 2:

You must next request the actual residence permit from SEF, who will then schedule an appointment for you.

This indicates that you must submit more supporting evidence and appear in person for a personal interview. You can call and ask for a new date if you can't make it to SEF on the scheduled day and time or if you wish to put off your appointment. You should also be aware that this is only feasible if you visit Portugal with a D7 Visa; a tourist visa is not required.

The residency permit will be approved following the satisfactory completion of your paperwork and the interview. You will then be given a residence card that is good for two years. You need to renew it after two years.

D7 Visa requirements

You must ensure that you satisfy all of the general visa requirements for the D7 Visa. The following criteria apply to visas:

  1. You'll need a NIF in Portuguese (Tax number)
  2. A Portuguese bank account is required
  3. You will have to demonstrate your financial independence.
  4. You must present documentation of your accommodations.
  5. You need complete health insurance
  6. You must not have any criminal history.
  7. You must comply with the required minimum stay


It takes about a month to examine the documentation. If you're doing it for the first time alone, it can take more time.

The process including the visa application will be finished in 60 days. It may take more than 60 days if some of your supporting documents are missing or if you've filled out the forms incorrectly. They will let you know about the issue if it arises and may even ask you to visit the facility. You can complete the gaps in your application in this way.

You should also be aware that depending on where you intend to live, the time it takes to get a residence permit can vary. You might have to wait about four months to meet with the SEF officers if you intend to reside in Lisbon or Porto. The interest in these regions is substantially higher, which is the cause. In contrast, the time required to move to a less populous city or the countryside can be as short as 15 days.

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