January 10, 2024

D2 Visa Requirements Portugal

D2 visa holders are permitted to reside in Portugal as business owners, independent contractors, and service providers. The Portuguese government claims that this visa's objective is to draw in international investment and capital in order to develop the Portuguese economy. This visa is only available to non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who wish to open a new business or relocate an existing one in Portugal. Another option is to put money into a well-established Portuguese business. The Portugal D2 Visa is less popular than the D7 Visa and the Golden Visa. However, it might still be a suitable alternative for those who want to work for themselves in Portugal and achieve citizenship.

What are the requirements for the D2 visa?

The prerequisites of applicants for residence and immigration to Europe through Portugal can be met in a number of ways to gain permanent residence in Portugal. These techniques are adaptable and modern. The Portuguese entrepreneur visa is one of the alluring approaches in Portugal's immigration regulations (or the D2 visa).

All regulations established by the Portuguese government must be met. Professionals will carefully and meticulously review your application. You may be qualified for a Portugal D2 Visa if you are an independent worker, freelancer, or business owner from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland and wish to live in Portugal. You must demonstrate that you either already run a business on Portuguese soil or have the means to do so. You can get this cash by verifying that you have a loan from a Portuguese bank. While there isn't a set amount you must have, it is advised that you have at least €5,000.

Additionally, you'll need to show that you have the means to support yourself. You, the main applicant, must be in possession of the full minimum yearly salary of €8,460. For a spouse and a dependent child, you must increase this by 50% (or €4,230) and 30% (or €2,538, respectively). A couple with one child would consequently need to make roughly €15,300 a year in order to be eligible for the D2 visa.

Thus, you must possess

  1. a strong, organized business plan
  2. a successful business
  3. sufficient resources (Social Capital)
  4. a strong business case for starting the business
  5. evidence of the financial means to support the establishment and expansion of the firm
  6. evidence of expertise and business links
  7. the proposed business area's management

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