January 31, 2024

Courses in Australia That Open Doors to Permanent Residency

In this blog, Pelican Migration Consultants lists several courses that foreign students can take in Australia to prepare them for jobs that are in high demand there.

Which top six courses are the best for obtaining permanent residency in 2024?

These programs offer you the best opportunity to immigrate to Australia after finishing them because they are focused on areas with strong demand and skill shortages.

1. Nursing

Considering the significant need for healthcare professionals and the favourable immigration channels and long-term employment and growth prospects that nursing offers, nursing stands out in 2024 for overseas students hoping for Australian permanent residency.

Bachelor of Nursing:

  1. Cost: begins at $24,000 AUD
  2. Total duration: three years

Remember: An English proficiency of no less than 7 in any band is required.

2. Teaching

International students who choose to pursue a career in teaching in Australia in 2024 have a good chance of obtaining permanent residency and long-term stability due to the country's emphasis on education and the great demand for teachers.

Bachelor of Teaching Degree:

  1. Cost: $18,000 AUD
  2. Time: 4 years for Bachelor's program, 2 years for Master's program, and 1 year for Graduate Diploma Program

3. Sector of Social Work and Community Services:

Driven by the nation's interest in community well-being, social work and community service present a compelling alternative for Australian permanent citizenship in 2024 for overseas students, ensuring a meaningful career with immigration prospects.

Bachelor of Social Work:

  1. Cost: $19,000 AUD;
  2. Length of program: three years

5. Electrician for automobiles:

There is a sizable demand for mechanics both domestically and abroad, which makes the field prosperous. However, if a mechanic focuses on a certain field, like electronics, engine management, or bodywork, they may have success in their job.

Automotive Electrical Diploma:

  1. Cost: beginning at $9,000 annually.
  2. Duration: two years

5. Carpentry:

There are numerous choices and routes available under the General Skilled Migration program to get permanent residency in Australia. This is why studying carpentry is one of the most well-liked options for overseas students.

Diploma in Carpentry:

  1. Cost: $10,000 annually;
  2. Time frame: two years

6. BrickLaying:

The Australian government is putting different plans into action to alleviate the housing crisis, including initiatives to incentivize developers and individuals to build affordable housing, such as grants or subsidies.

Bricklaying diploma:

  1. Cost: $10,000 annually;
  2. Time frame: two years

These are our top 6 picks if you are looking to migrate to Australia through study. Please don’t hesitate to contact Pelican Migration Consultants if you are looking to study or migrate to Australia. With a dedicated team of experts, Pelican Migration Consultants offers personalized assistance in obtaining your study visa to Australia. From guiding you through the application process to providing insights on the best courses aligning with your goals, we ensure a seamless journey. Our extensive knowledge of Australian immigration laws and educational institutions empowers you to make informed decisions.

Trust Pelican Migration Consultants to navigate your path to studying in Australia with confidence and success.