March 15, 2024

Obtaining a Portugal D7 Visa from the UAE

Are you a resident of the UAE with stable passive income streams and considering a relocation to Portugal? The D7 Visa offers a long-term residency option, allowing individuals from non-European Union nations like the UAE to live in Portugal while generating passive income.

Exploring the Portugal D7 Visa for UAE Residents

The D7 Residence Visa, alternatively referred to as the Portugal Passive Income Visa or the Retirement Visa, serves as a long-term residence permit intended to entice UAE residents capable of sustaining themselves financially without seeking employment in Portugal.

The D7 visa facilitates obtaining a residence permit in Portugal, allowing for two entries into the country and stays of up to 4 months each while awaiting the final residence permit from the immigration department.

One of the primary objectives of the D7 Visa is to incentivize foreign nationals to invest, bolster the local economy, and foster cultural exchange, specifically targeting individuals with a steady income stream.

The D7 Visa is especially favoured by retirees and freelancers generating passive income, providing them with an avenue to live in Portugal without the need for local employment.

Who is eligible to apply for the D7 visa?

Retired non-EU citizens, including individuals from the UAE, who have a steady income from:

Income from property, including real estate such as rentals and movable assets, along with earnings from intellectual property, or;

Financial investments like dividends, bonds, trust income, and income from owning companies.

Retired non-EU citizens, including individuals from the UAE, who have a steady income from:

Permanent Residence D7 Visa

Applicants for the D7 visa are granted a one-year residence permit in Portugal, which can be extended for two-year periods, ultimately leading to permanent residency after five years.

To obtain the final D7 visa, applicants must visit the immigration department for fingerprinting and photo collection, followed by receiving the Residence Visa card by mail with an initial one-year validity

D7 Visa Eligibility for UAE Citizens

  1. To qualify for the D7 Visa, you must:
  2. Be a citizen of a non-European Union (EU) nation, such as the UAE.
  3. Demonstrate adequate funds deposited in a Portuguese bank account to cover living expenses, typically €9120.
  4. Show steady passive income from sources like retirement pensions, rent, investments, or royalties, enough to support yourself and dependents.
  5. Submit a clear criminal record from the UAE and previous residences.
  6. Provide a valid address, whether owned, rented, or via an invitation.
  7. Commit to spending at least 16 months in Portugal during the initial two years of the visa.

Advantages of the D7 Visa in Portugal

One of the most enticing advantages of the D7 Visa is its opportunity for generating passive income.

Investing in and leasing property in Portugal can serve as a lucrative passive income source. The country's thriving tourism sector ensures a consistent demand for short-term rentals, offering a reliable revenue stream.

Under the D7 Visa, individuals can explore investment opportunities in Portuguese stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments, potentially yielding dividends and interest income. Portugal's stable economy further enhances its appeal to international investors.

The D7 Visa enables individuals with creative works such as books, music, or art to earn royalties from their intellectual property while living in Portugal. Retirees can also benefit from their pensions or annuities, leveraging the nation's advantageous tax policies for foreign retirees.

Pelican Migration Consultants: Facilitating Your D7 Visa Journey

Pelican Migration Consultants specializes in navigating the intricate process of obtaining a D7 Visa for Portugal, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for UAE residents seeking long-term residency in Portugal. Our expert team of immigration professionals provides personalized assistance every step of the way, from initial consultation to visa approval.

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Our consultants conduct a thorough evaluation of your eligibility and financial situation to determine the best approach for your D7 Visa application.
  2. Document Preparation: We assist in gathering and organizing all necessary documents, including proof of income, bank statements, criminal records, and proof of accommodation, to ensure compliance with Portuguese immigration requirements.
  3. Application Submission: Pelican Migration Consultants handles the entire visa application process, including online submission and coordination with Portuguese immigration authorities, to streamline the process and maximize approval chances.
  4. Guidance and Support: Throughout the application process, our team provides guidance and support, addressing any queries or concerns promptly to alleviate any uncertainties and ensure a stress-free experience.
  5. Follow-Up and Updates: We keep you informed about the progress of your application and provide updates on any developments or additional requirements, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the visa process.