October 31, 2018

Canadian Government ask Employers to apply for LMIA Certificate Faster

Canadian government asks every employer in Canada to process the Labour Market Impact Assessment Certificate applications or LMIA which is under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program fast or they will face huge delays in getting approval from the Federal Government.

According to a recent publishment of ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada, the temporary worker program of the Canadian government is facing a huge surge in the Labour Market Impact Assessment applications and they fear that such inflow could increase the processing time for the approvals in the coming months.

ESDC also specifies that they are taking all the necessary efforts to process each and every application fast but in order to execute the plan, they need the support of each and every employer in Canada by advising them to submit the LMIA applications fast to avoid any delays.

The total time taken to process LMIA applications has been increased drastically in recent months compared to the Global Talent Stream which invites applicants from specialized occupations and the processing time takes only 10 business days.

An LMIA certificate or Labour Market Impact Assessment certificate is the document that proves that the Canadian Employer has followed all the necessary rules and regulations while recruiting a foreign employee. An applicant cannot apply for a Canadian Temporary worker program or Canada Work permit if he/she doesn’t get a valid LMIA certificate from the employer.

The Employment and Social Development Canada informed the concerned department that the cause of delay in the processing time for LMIA was mainly due to a technical issue that arose due to their transition to a new platform.

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