May 9, 2023

Canada’s Strong Real GDP Growth Projections for 2023-24

Canada's economy is expected to see positive growth over the next two years, with the country ranking second among G7 nations in projected Real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Canada is only surpassed by the United States and Spain in projected growth for 2023 and 2024, respectively. Real GDP growth is a commonly used indicator of a country's overall economic health.


What is Real GDP Growth?

Real GDP growth measures the value of goods and services produced by a country's economy over a specific period, adjusted for inflation. It is a key indicator of a country's economic health and is often used to determine the overall well-being of a nation. A positive growth rate indicates that the economy is expanding and creating more jobs, which leads to increased economic prosperity.


Canada's Real GDP Growth Projections

In 2023, the United States is projected to see its real GDP grow by 1.6%, with Canada's growth anticipated at 1.5%. Meanwhile, in 2024, the IMF projects Spain's real GDP to rise by 2.0%, while Canada's figure is expected to grow by 1.5% once again. While Canada may not be at the top of the list, the fact that the country is projected to see growth over the next two years is still positive news.


What Does This Mean for Newcomers to Canada?

For newcomers to Canada, positive Real GDP growth means increased employment opportunities and general economic prosperity. Companies tend to need more workers to produce goods and deliver services during periods of economic growth, which can lead to increased employment opportunities. With more jobs available, newcomers have a better chance of finding employment and establishing themselves in Canada.


Increased Disposable Income

Positive Real GDP growth also leads to increased disposable income for Canadians. As the economy expands, people tend to have more money in their pockets, which can be used to purchase goods and services. This is particularly beneficial for newcomers who may be trying to establish themselves in Canada and may not have a lot of disposable income. With more money available, newcomers can more easily establish a level of stability in their new homes.


The Role of Immigration in Real GDP Growth

Immigration plays a significant role in boosting Canada's real GDP growth. By expanding the Canadian workforce, immigrants increase the number of individuals capable of producing goods and services. In fact, Canada's Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-2025 outlines the government's intent to welcome as many as 500,000 immigrants per year in 2025. By adding more working-age permanent residents (PRs) to the national workforce, Canada can expect to see a more productive and prosperous economy in the near future.



Canada's projected Real GDP growth for 2023 and 2024 ranks second in the G7, which is positive news for both the country and its newcomers. With increased employment opportunities and economic prosperity, newcomers can establish a level of stability in their new homes. Immigration will play a significant role in boosting Canada's real GDP growth, as the country plans to welcome as many as 500,000 immigrants per year in 2025. Overall, Canada's positive Real GDP growth projections indicate that the country is on the right track toward continued economic growth and prosperity.


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