October 21, 2023

Canada’s educational demographic: Indian student’s influence.

The educational landscape in Canada is undergoing a significant transformation due to the increasing presence of international students, particularly from India. The demand for post-college credential programs (PCC) has surged in recent years, with a substantial proportion of international students driving this trend. Indian students, in particular, have emerged as key influencers, contributing significantly to the educational demographics of Canada. This article explores the implications of this phenomenon, including immigration outcomes and the economic prospects these students enjoy.


Rise in Indian International Students:

Statistics Canada's report reveals a remarkable shift in the popularity of PCCs, accounting for 13% of all college graduations in 2019, up from 6% in 2014. While PCCs offer valuable career-specific training, the primary reason for their surge in popularity is the increasing number of international students enrolling in these programs. In fact, international students comprised 67% of PCC graduates in 2019, with Indian students representing 53% of this group. Thus, out of the 33,200 PCC graduations in 2019, over 17,700 were attributed to Indian international students.


Immigration Outcomes for Indian Students:

Indian students pursuing PCCs have witnessed positive immigration outcomes. Approximately 80% of those who graduated with a PCC in 2015 obtained permanent residency (PR) within five years of graduation. This statistic demonstrates that international students actively consider immigration prospects when selecting their educational paths. Comparing the percentages across different education streams, Indian students accounted for over 80% of applicants who obtained PR, with the highest proportion among PCC graduates (85%). In contrast, students from other countries achieved PR at lower rates across all programs.


Wages and Work Outcomes:

The economic prospects for Indian students graduating with a PCC in Canada are promising. According to Statistics Canada, in 2019, these students earned an average of $44,000, comparable to the earnings of bachelor's degree graduates ($47,000) and higher than those with non-postgraduate college certificates or diplomas ($38,000). This indicates that PCCs equip students with marketable skills that allow them to secure well-paying employment opportunities.


Benefits of a Canadian Education:

Studying in Canada offers numerous advantages, particularly for international students aspiring to work or immigrate to the country. Canadian degrees and credentials from designated learning institutions provide valuable skills and internationally recognized education quality, enhancing students' chances of securing high-paying jobs in the Canadian market. Additionally, international students in Canada are permitted to work part-time during their studies, enabling them to support themselves financially. Moreover, studying in Canada significantly improves an individual's Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, which is the primary assessment method used by the Canadian government for federal skilled immigration candidates.


Immigration Pathways and Success:

Indian international students have access to multiple immigration pathways, as evidenced by the data presented in the report. These students have demonstrated not only their ability to excel in the Canadian job market but also their success in obtaining PR status. This highlights the favorable environment Canada provides for Indian students to pursue their academic and career goals while enjoying the potential for long-term settlement.

The influx of Indian international students has had a profound impact on Canada's educational demographics. The rise in popularity of PCCs, the positive immigration outcomes, and the promising wages and work prospects all contribute to the attractiveness of a Canadian education for Indian students. By actively contributing to Canada's education system and labor market, Indian students are shaping the multicultural fabric of the country while pursuing their own ambitions for a prosperous future.


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