May 18, 2024

Canada’s Citizenship Week Celebration 2024

Canada is currently celebrating Citizenship Week. In a statement, Immigration Minister Marc Miller highlighted that this week offers Canadians a chance to reflect on the essence of being a Canadian. The celebration runs from May 13 to May 19.

The minister will celebrate the week by attending various citizenship ceremonies and events, and by visiting local organizations that support newcomers with services such as official language training and employment opportunities.

Between April 1 and March 31, 2024, Canada welcomed over 393,500 new citizens, surpassing the nearly 364,000 new citizens from the same period last year.

This month also features Toronto’s annual Newcomer Day, taking place on May 23 at Nathan Phillips Square. Attendees can access information on settlement services, employment opportunities, Canada’s history, and more. The event will also include a citizenship ceremony.

Why Become a Canadian Citizen?

Beyond the Citizenship Week celebrations, Canadian citizens enjoy extensive rights and freedoms in a multicultural society that promotes tolerance and respect for all, regardless of race, gender, caste, or religion.

Additionally, Canadian citizens are eligible for one of the world's strongest passports, granting visa-free access to over 100 countries. This allows them to travel in and out of Canada without needing a visa or permit.

Citizens can participate in federal, municipal, and provincial elections, access additional government benefits, and are ensured free healthcare.

Ultimately, Canadian citizens benefit from significantly lower post-secondary education costs compared to international students.

Becoming a Canadian Citizen: The Process

The process of becoming a Canadian citizen involves several steps. Firstly, individuals must hold permanent residency in Canada, which can be obtained through one of over 100 Canadian immigration pathways.

Upon obtaining permanent resident status, citizenship applicants must fulfill the physical residence requirements, which entail residing in Canada for at least three of the past five years or a total of 1,095 days.

This doesn't mean that citizenship acquisition takes three years post obtaining permanent residency. IRCC permits applicants to include time spent as a temporary resident or protected person in the past five years toward their physical residency requirement. Each day as a temporary resident counts as half a day, up to a maximum of 365 days.

Finally, you may require evidence of filing taxes in Canada for three of the past five years. This is usually mandatory for individuals who have been employed in Canada as either temporary or permanent residents. Failure to file taxes renders individuals ineligible for government refunds, benefits, or credits.

Navigating the Path to Canadian Citizenship with Pelican Migration Consultants

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