January 16, 2024

Canada to accelerate certain visitor visa processing in the future

In a strategic move to enhance its immigration framework, Canada, through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), is set to expedite the processing of select visitor visas. This progressive step is an integral part of the recently unveiled strategic immigration report, "An Immigration System for Canada's Future," signaling a commitment to prioritize individuals attending major conferences and events in the country.

Expedited Processing for Global Events

Canada's immigration department, affirming its commitment, explicitly outlines the prioritized visa processing for those participating in major conferences and events registered with the IRCC. This initiative, nestled within the broader goal of crafting a more inviting experience for newcomers, underscores Canada's dedication to aligning its immigration system with evolving economic and demographic dynamics.

Government's Holistic Approach

As an integral component of the government's action plan, this initiative aims to curtail waiting times and augment service standards for newcomers. By streamlining the processing of visitor visas, with a specific emphasis on applications for tourism, conferences, and events, Canada seeks to create an efficient and hospitable entry point for diverse individuals seeking temporary residency.

Global Engagement through Visa Exemptions

In a proactive maneuver earlier this year, the IRCC expanded its "partial visa exempt countries" list by including 13 additional nations. This adjustment allows travelers from a total of 67 countries to opt for an electronic travel authorization (eTA) rather than the conventional visitor visa. The electronic alternative, known for its expeditious processing, offers eligible visitors a swifter route to approval, aligning with Canada's commitment to modernizing its immigration processes.

Surge in Visitor Visa Applications

Contrary to the predominant focus on permanent residence, the IRCC underscores the importance of temporary residents, including visitor visa applicants. Notably, the processing of visitor visas has seen a significant surge, with November 2022 alone witnessing the processing of over 260,000 applications—a substantial increase from the monthly average of 180,000 applications in 2019. This spike reflects a growing global interest in visiting Canada, prompting the government to proactively address processing efficiency.

Strategic Outlook for a More Efficient Future

The decision to expedite visitor visas underscores Canada's proactive approach to refining its immigration system. Beyond immediate concerns, this strategic initiative sets the stage for a more streamlined and accommodating immigration process, aligning with the nation's evolving economic and demographic needs.


Canada's commitment to expediting visitor visas showcases a strategic approach to welcoming a diverse array of temporary residents. Positioned within a comprehensive immigration strategy, which includes visa exemptions and increased processing capacities, this move reflects Canada's dedication to becoming a more accessible destination for global travelers. As the nation continues to adapt its immigration system, prospective visitors can anticipate a smoother and more efficient application process.

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