January 23, 2024

Canada Targets STEM Talent with 5,900 Invitations in Third Express Entry Draw of the Week

In a series of significant moves, Canada has issued over 5,900 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to skilled professionals working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) occupations through the Express Entry system in its third draw of the week on December 8th, 2023. This targeted draw, focused on attracting talent vital to Canada's economic growth, saw a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 481 points – a 5-point reduction compared to the previous STEM-specific draw held in July.

This significant development comes on the heels of two other Express Entry draws that occurred earlier this week. On December 7th, 1,000 ITAs were issued to French-speaking candidates with a minimum CRS score of 470 points. This draw demonstrates Canada's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

These three consecutive draws mark a turning point after a month-long pause in Express Entry invitations. This surge in activity signals Canada's renewed focus on immigration to address labor shortages and support its ambitious economic goals.

Looking back, Canada's Express Entry activity in 2023 has been remarkable:

  1. 18 all-program draws: These draws were open to all eligible candidates regardless of their occupation or background, offering a broad range of opportunities.
  2. Five PNP draws: These draws targeted candidates nominated by Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) across Canada, facilitating regional economic development.
  3. Six draws targeted at French speakers: These draws highlight Canada's commitment to bilingualism and attract talented individuals who can contribute to the country's French-speaking communities.
  4. Three draws targeted at healthcare occupations: Recognizing the critical need for healthcare professionals, these dedicated draws helped address staffing shortages in this vital sector.
  5. Two draws targeted at STEM occupations: Highlighting the importance of innovation and technological advancement, these draws aimed to attract top talent in STEM fields.
  6. One draw targeted at skilled trades: Recognizing the essential role of skilled tradespeople in Canada's economy, this draw ensured a steady flow of skilled workers in this area.
  7. One draw targeted at Federal Skilled Worker candidates: This draw offered a pathway to permanent residency for skilled professionals with specific work experience.
  8. One draw targeted at transport jobs: Addressing the transportation sector's needs, this draw focused on skilled professionals in this vital industry.
  9. One draw targeted at agriculture and agri-food occupations: Recognizing the importance of a thriving agricultural sector, this draw aimed to attract skilled workers in this field.

In total, IRCC has issued a staggering 106,871 ITAs in 2023, significantly exceeding the 45,115 issued in the entirety of 2022. This substantial increase underscores Canada's commitment to immigration as a key driver of economic growth and prosperity.

Increase Your Chances in Express Entry:

  1. Boost your CRS score: Aim for high scores in education, language tests, and gain relevant work experience.
  2. Optimize your Express Entry profile: Ensure it's complete, accurate, and up-to-date.
  3. Stay informed: Track upcoming draws and CRS score trends.
  4. Consider professional help: A licensed consultant can guide you through the process.
  5. Prepare your application: Gather documents beforehand.
  6. Network, visit Canada, and stay informed: Increase your chances and demonstrate your interest.

Looking ahead, Canada has set an ambitious immigration target of 465,000 for 2023, the highest in its history. This ambitious goal reflects the country's recognition that immigration plays a crucial role in filling labor shortages, fueling innovation, and driving economic competitiveness.

The implementation of the tie-breaking rule in the latest Express Entry draw ensures fairness and transparency. The rule states that if more than one candidate has the minimum CRS score, only those who submitted their Express Entry profiles before the designated date and time receive invitations. This ensures that candidates who have been waiting longer are not unfairly disadvantaged.

With this significant draw, Canada sends a clear message: it is actively seeking skilled professionals, particularly those in STEM fields, to contribute to its continued success. For individuals with the skills and qualifications Canada requires, the time to act is now. By submitting an Express Entry profile, qualified candidates can take advantage of this historic opportunity to build a rewarding future in Canada.

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