November 8, 2023

Canada 2023: Ranked top for immigrant entrepreneurs.

In today's global world, many countries want business-minded people from other places to come and create new companies. According to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada is now the best country for these types of entrepreneurs, even beating bigger countries like the United States and France.


How Canada Got the Top Spot

The OECD's Indicators of Talent Attractiveness, a comprehensive ranking system, evaluates countries' appeal to foreign start-up founders through various dimensions including market conditions, access to capital, digitalization, and more. Canada triumphantly secured its place in the top 25% across these dimensions, with a notable exception in the 'skills environment' category.

In contrast to many other countries, Canada's immigration policies stand out. It is one of the very few nations, alongside Australia, that confers permanent residence to successful start-up visa applicants from the moment of approval. This welcoming gesture signifies Canada's commitment to nurturing new businesses and fostering a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to flourish.


Why Canada is Great

There are a bunch of reasons why Canada is an awesome spot for people from other countries who want to start their own businesses.

Business-Friendly Environment: Canada has rules that make it easy to create and run businesses without too much trouble. This is important because in some places, there are lots of rules and paperwork that can slow down entrepreneurs. Canada tries to keep things simple and friendly for business.

Friendly and Welcoming: People in Canada are known for being nice and welcoming to newcomers. This is a big deal for people moving from other countries to start new businesses. Feeling welcome helps them settle in and focus on their business ideas.

Good Living Conditions: Canada has good schools, hospitals, and places to live. This means entrepreneurs can focus on their businesses without worrying too much about other stuff. This combination of good living conditions and business opportunities is a big reason why Canada is a top choice.

Making Immigrant Entrepreneurs Happy: All these things together are perfect for people like us who want to start new businesses in Canada. The way Canada supports both living well and starting businesses is why we're seen as a great place for immigrant entrepreneurs.


How to Move to Canada as an Entrepreneur

If you're an entrepreneur and want to move to Canada, there are different ways to do it. One option is the Start-Up Visa program, which helps entrepreneurs become permanent residents by showing their business ideas will help Canada's economy. This program has some requirements like knowing English or French, having enough money to live in Canada, and getting support from a recognized organization.

Another way is the Investor work permit under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). If you're from the US or Mexico and invest in a Canadian business, you might get this permit. It lets you manage your Canadian business and create benefits for the local community.

Entrepreneurs with businesses in other countries can also think about the Intra-Company Transfer work permit. This permit lets you move key people from your foreign company to Canada to start a new business.

If you're really involved in your Canadian business and want to make a positive impact, the Entrepreneur/Self-Employed work permit could be right for you. This permit is for people who can show that their business will help Canada in different ways.

In the end, Canada's top ranking as the best place for immigrant entrepreneurs in 2023 is well-deserved. Its supportive environment, friendly attitude, and special policies make it a perfect spot for entrepreneurs to grow. So, if you're a business person looking for new opportunities, Canada is waiting for you.


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