April 30, 2019

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Canada’s western province of British Columbia is characterized by the vibrant city of Vancouver as well as the snow-covered mountains of Whistler. The economy of the British Columbia strongly depends on the natural resources segment, mining as well as forestry. What makes British Columbia a personal favorite destination among the Canada migrators are its Low tax rates for both personal as well business sector, robust market opportunities, competitive wage rates, and has major openings for the migrating community.

The Province of British Columbia is one of the easiest provinces to migrate to Canada as there are multiple streams of Canadian Permanent Residency are offered.

To aid the migration process the provincial government of British Columbia had introduced the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2019. Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai which is a CICC certified Canadian immigration consultants in UAE recommends the below pathways for your easiest settlement in Canada in the year 2019.

Express Entry -British Columbia 2019

The Express Entry British Columbia 2019 is intended to fill in the high -demand occupation in British Columbia. The program mainly targets those high skilled workers.

The Express Entry British Columbia 2019 mainly aligns with the federal express entry system of the Canadian federal government. It is the fastest and easiest immigration programs which grants Permanent Residency in Canada.

The British Columbia Express Entry program 2019 has opened a series of four category program under it.

  1. Express Entry -British Columbia 2019 -Skilled Worker Category
  2. Express Entry -British Columbia 2019- International Graduate
  3. Express Entry -British Columbia 2019- International Post graduate
  4. Express Entry -British Columbia 2019- Health Professionals

The basic process of application for the categories remains the same while, there are certain factors and occupations that changes from time to time. In order to know more on the criteria as well as the open categories of the stream that suits you the best, contact Pelican migration Consultant’s experienced Canadian immigration consultants.

Overview of the immigration process and formalities of the Express Entry -British Columbia 2019.

a. Pre-registration/Expression of Interest in the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Canada’s Express Entry System meeting the minimum eligibility conditions of any one of the economic immigration programs:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class

b. Upon registration with the Express Entry System an Express entry profile number as well

a Job Seeker Code will be issued with which a job search can be initiated to find the suitable job that fits your profile;

c. Registration of the applicants under the British Columbia Skills Immigration Registration System 2019 (SIRS);

By registering in the SIRS, the immigration British Columbia will match it against the labour requirement in the province;

  • The match will be based on the registrant’s location in British Columbia, the job, language proficiency, wage administered as well as eligibility;
  • Registering in SIRS does not ensure permanent residency nor an invitation to apply for permanent residence;
  • it only indicates an applicant’s interest in migrating and living permanently in British Columbia once the province’s minimum criteria is met.

d. Once registered with SIRS, the applicant is placed in a pool where similar applicants compete against each other based on the common eligibility factors like age, education etc.

e. Once in the pool the applicant remains there either invited for permanent residence or for a period of 12 months which ever is earlier;

f. The invitations for permanent residence are issued after the regular round of immigration draws from which the highest scorer will be invited to live and settle in British Columbia permanently;

g. Once invited to apply, the applicant will have around 30 calendar days to submit the next phase of the Permanent Residence application through the BCPNP online profile.

h. On submission of the application the prescribed provincial government fee shall be paid to further process the application.

i. The submitted applications will be assessed by the immigration British Columbia as per the Provincial Immigration Programs Act as well as Regulations and based on the assessment’s nominations are issued by the provincial government;

j. Nominations are issued on the approval of the application. This nomination letter gives an additional 600 points for the applicant who is registered in the Express Entry system;

k. With this additional point the applicant will be invited to apply for Permanent Residence by the IRCC.

Pelican migration Consultants in Dubai will assess the crucial economic factors listed below in order to determine your eligibility for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2019:

  • The skill level of your British Columbia job offers based on the National Occupation Classification. This will prioritize the high demand job positions;
  • The wage compensation that you have been offered annually; giving you the right to successfully settle in British Columbia;
  • The location where you have been offered an employment;
  • The educational competency and its fitment for the B.C provincial Labour market;
  • The language proficiency requirements;
  • As well as the work experience.

Additionally, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2019 purely reserves the right to amend the SIRS without prior notice, including

  • changes to the scoring grids,
  • the length of time your registration can remain in the selection pool,
  • and the number and frequency of registrants invited to apply

All Express Entry BC applicants must meet the BC PNP minimum income requirements. While the Express Entry BC application is purely an online based application while the second category of skills immigration is completely paper based application while applying for permanent residence.

Skills Immigration British Columbia 2019

The second main category of the British Columbia 2019 falls under the Skills Immigration category. The Skills immigration stream requires a valid, full-time indeterminate job offer expect the International Student Graduates. It’s a paper-based application with five categories:

  • Skilled Worker - work in a professional, management, technical, trade or other skilled occupation;
  • Healthcare Professional intended for physician, nurse, specialist, nurse practitioner, or allied health professional;
  • International Graduate- targeting international students who has graduated from a Canadian university or college;
  • International Post-Graduate—international students who has a graduate degree in science from an eligible BC institution;
  • Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled—valid experience in the tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, or food processing industries.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program of Tech Pilot 2019

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program of Tech Pilot can be the best suited option for you provided you are from the IT sector is occupied in one of the below professions;

  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers;
  • Software engineers and designers;
  • Computer programmers;
  • Computer network technicians;
  • Telecommunication carrier managers;
  • Audio and video recording technicians;

While those in the applied science field can also apply for the BCPNP tech pilot program, the occupation list includes

  • Mechanical engineers;
  • Civil Engineers

As British Columbia faces a huge labour shortage in its IT sector, those employed in the above-mentioned occupation will be benefited significantly especially through the Tech Pilot Program and the processing time has been reduced to 2- 3 months.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Category 2019

If you are planning to get settled in the country as an Entrepreneur then, the British Columbia Entrepreneur Category may best fit you. The average processing time of the application has been made to 5 months for this category.

You will qualify for this program if you are intended to start an own investment in British Columbia or is interested to invest in a current business in British Columbia and have the appropriate personal net worth to full fill the conditions of investment. It is also a point-based program. The program benefits you in the following ways:

  • Investment opportunity in the province of British Columbia;
  • Opportunity for conducting short-term exploratory visit to British Columbia;
  • Family immigration and permanent residency opportunities in British Columbia in a later stage.

To understand the various streams of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2019 may seem a bit confusing. Meet our Immigration experts at Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai, UAE and we will guide you through the process requirements and will assess the appropriate program for you that may earn your Canadian Permanent Residency.

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