January 15, 2024

British Columbia PNP Conducts Targeted Draws, Granting 190 Invitations for Canada Immigration

In a recent development within the dynamic landscape of Canadian immigration, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) has demonstrated its commitment to attracting skilled professionals through targeted draws. This article delves into the details of the three latest draws conducted by the BCPNP under its "Skilled Worker International Graduate'' stream, shedding light on the occupations that were specifically focused on and the nuances of each draw.

104 ITAs for Skilled Workers in Tech Occupations

The first draw, conducted on 07-11-23, saw the issuance of 104 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for candidates with professional experience in the ever-evolving tech sector. The minimum score for eligibility in this draw was set at 94, emphasizing the province's eagerness to welcome skilled workers who can contribute to its growing tech landscape.

61 ITAs for Childcare Professionals

The second draw, also held on 07-11-23, shifted its focus to the realm of childcare. Specifically targeting Early Childhood Educators and Assistants, this draw issued 61 ITAs. Candidates with a minimum score of 60 were invited to apply, underlining the importance placed on nurturing the next generation through dedicated childcare professionals.

25 ITAs for Healthcare Occupations

In the third draw of the day, 25 ITAs were extended to professionals with experience in healthcare occupations. With a minimum score requirement of 60, this draw showcased British Columbia's commitment to addressing the demand for skilled healthcare workers, especially considering the global emphasis on health and well-being.

Strategic Occupation Targeting in B.C.

British Columbia has consistently conducted draws throughout the year, strategically targeting occupations in alignment with both provincial and federal priorities. This approach ensures that candidates with professional experience in these in-demand occupations receive priority in the Invitation to Apply (ITA) process. The integration of category-based selection for Express Entry and targeted draws for PNPs reflects the synchronization of federal and provincial efforts to address labor market needs effectively.

Latest B.C. Immigration Draws: Summary Table

Date Category Minimum Score Invitations Issued Description
07-11-23 Skilled Worker, Int. Graduate 94 104 Targeted draw: Tech
07-11-23 Skilled Worker, Int. Graduate 60 61 Targeted draw: Childcare (NOC 42202)
07-11-23 Skilled Worker, Int. Graduate 60 25 Targeted draw: Healthcare


As British Columbia continues to navigate the complex terrain of immigration, these targeted draws exemplify the province's strategic approach to talent acquisition. By prioritizing specific occupations aligned with evolving societal needs, the BCPNP aims to fortify its workforce and contribute to the economic and social prosperity of the region.

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