February 5, 2024

Boost Your IELTS Score to Improve Your Chances in Canadian Immigration

Your IELTS score is one of the most crucial components of your Canadian immigration paperwork. For all of Canada's economic immigration streams, test results from the IELTS or other recognized language assessment programs are necessary. Your CRS score can increase significantly if you can only slightly improve your IELTS grades.

It's difficult to overstate how much of an improvement your IELTS results can make on your Express Entry application. A just one or two IELTS points more can help you achieve a higher Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score.

CLB scores serve as a means of equating disparate scoring schemes from diverse language assessments. To calculate how many CRS points your Express Entry profile will receive, the Canadian government will translate your IELTS scores into CLB scores.

How can one achieve higher IELTS scores?

A higher CLB score has the potential to significantly impact your Express Entry CRS score. When paired with other skill transferability indicators such as schooling, a modest improvement in your CLB score could provide a nearly 100 CRS point boost.

Consider these two hypothetical Express Entry profiles:



  1. One candidate
  2. Aged thirty
  3. Possesses a Bachelor's degree or a three-year diploma
  4. Has three or more years of experience in skilled job outside of Canada
  5. Has a close relative who resides in Canada
  6. Obtain language exam results in order to validate a CLB 7.

Total CRS Points: 346


  1. One applicant;
  2. Aged thirty;
  3. Possesses a Bachelor's degree or a three-year diploma;
  4. Has three or more years of experience in skilled work outside of Canada;
  5. Has a close relative who resides in Canada;
  6. Can provide language test results to support a CLB 9.

Total CRS Points: 439

A detailed examination reveals a significant discrepancy of 100 points in the Total CRS Points between two applicants who are nearly identical. They share the same close family member who lives in Canada, as well as the same level of education and professional experience. The second candidate's slightly higher IELTS score is the only distinction. As a result, they received an additional 100 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for the Express Entry profile, raising their CLB score by two levels.

This is the reason why IELTS preparation is so crucial!

You can increase your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residency by making even a little improvement.

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Why Choose Pelican Migration Consultants?

In the Canadian immigration landscape, IELTS results are crucial, being a mandatory component for various economic immigration streams. Pelican Migration recognizes the strategic importance of enhancing IELTS grades, enabling applicants to experience a significant surge in their CRS points, thereby influencing their CLB scores.

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