October 30, 2023

Australia Increases Minimum Wage for Skilled Migrant Workers

Australia, known for its welcoming stance towards immigrants, has recognized the need to revamp its migration system to strike a balance between addressing critical skill shortages and combating exploitation. In a significant move, the Australian government has decided to increase the minimum wage for skilled migrant workers after a decade of stagnation. This measure aims to attract the right talent and provide fair wages to migrant workers while strengthening the nation's economy. In this blog, we will delve into the details of this policy change and understand its potential impact on Australia's labor market and the lives of skilled migrant workers.


The Broken Migration System: Exploitation vs. Skill Shortages

Over the years, Australia has witnessed a surge in its immigration rates, positioning it among the leading countries within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). However, the migration system's flaws have become evident, with an increasing number of migrants seeking low-paid jobs, while the demand for skilled workers remains unmet. Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil pointed out that this imbalance has led to a rise in exploitation as low-wage migration programs operated in the shadows.


Ending the Decade-Long Freeze on Minimum Wage

The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), which determines the minimum wage for skilled migrant workers, had been stagnant at AU$ 53,900 ($35,600) since 2013. In July 2023, a new minimum wage of AU$ 70,000 ($46,300) will be implemented, signaling a much-needed boost to the earnings of skilled migrant workers. According to the government's statement, almost 90% of all full-time jobs in Australia currently offer salaries higher than the current TSMIT, revealing the necessity for this increase.


A Pathway to Permanent Residency

Acknowledging the contribution of temporary skilled workers to Australia's productivity, the government also intends to offer clearer pathways to permanent residency for these individuals by the end of the year. Many temporary skilled workers have been residing in the country on various visas for extended periods, prompting the need for a more structured and permanent solution.


Challenges of an Outdated Migration System

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil expressed concerns about the outdated preferred occupation lists, which no longer align with the evolving needs of the Australian economy and emerging technology industries. This, along with other shortcomings in the migration system under the previous government's nine-year rule, has resulted in a broken system that affects businesses, migrants, and the broader Australian population.


The Migration Program Review

To better understand the state of Australia's migration program, a review was commissioned in November, revealing that approximately 1.8 million temporary migrants were residing within the nation's 26-million-strong population. The review emphasized the importance of providing a pathway to citizenship for a significant proportion of temporary entrants to foster social cohesion and democratic resilience.


Tackling Skills and Labor Shortages

In response to the pressing need for skilled workers, the Australian government increased its permanent immigration intake to 195,000, a rise of 35,000, for the current fiscal year. The move comes as the nation aims to address skill and labor shortages, which have the potential to hinder economic growth and prosperity.



Australia's decision to increase the minimum wage for skilled migrant workers represents a significant step towards rectifying the flaws in its migration system. By offering fair wages and clearer pathways to permanent residency, Australia is poised to attract the right talent, bridge critical skill gaps, and ensure a more prosperous and inclusive future. The policy overhaul stands as a testament to Australia's commitment to a thriving, diverse, and resilient society.


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