March 21, 2019

59,000 Full-Time Job Vacancies filled in Canada in 1 Month Alone

Immigrants looking to land a full-time job in Canada now have all the right reasons to cheer for. As per the data released by Statistics Canada, 59,000 full-time job vacancies were filled in Canada in February 2019.

The increase in job opportunities mainly came from the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. That too, the vacancies were mostly in the fields of Professional, Scientific, Technical and Legal Services, engineering, architecture and accounting, according to the “Labour Force Survey” by Statistics Canada. This is good news for students and professionals working in these fields. Also, other industries that had growth in jobs were natural resources (courtesy of the increasing global energy needs) and agriculture.

The findings of this survey are significant. Especially when everyone expected job vacancies to follow a negative trend due to the loss of 22,000 in part-time work in Ontario. However, Ontario showed a net gain of 37,000 in full-time employment contrary to the loss in part- time work. Thus, immigrants who want to work in Canada can rest assured about finding good job prospects.

Another important point to note is that Ontario has a low and steady unemployment rate of 5.57%. Also, every year, the employment rate increases by 2.7% and new additions to the workforce are absorbed. Together, Ontario and Quebec alone increased the number of workers by 18,000, making these provinces a safe bet for finding jobs.

The report by Statistics Canada highlighted another positive trend for job seekers. Employment in Public administration increased by 14,000 in February. This is the second consecutive month it’s happening. The back to back growth in January and February for government jobs was from the provinces of Ontario and Alberta.

Altogether, Canada has had an employment increase of 59,000 full-time jobs beating the 20,000 job gains of the US. Increasingly Canada is being seen as one of the best destinations for global job seekers.

If you are looking to migrate to Canada, then this is the right time for you!



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