January 11, 2024

5 Must-Do’s for Your First Week as an International Student in Canada (Don’t Miss Out!)

Landing in Canada as an international student marks an exciting new chapter in your life. While the thrill of exploration and new experiences awaits, there are important administrative tasks to be addressed. In your first week, taking some essential steps will lay the foundation for a successful and enjoyable academic journey in Canada.

1. Register at Your College/University

Completing the registration process at your chosen institution is the first and foremost priority. This crucial step confirms your enrollment and grants you access to essential resources, including:

Student ID card: This key unlocks various facilities and services, including libraries, computer labs, and athletic facilities. It also enables you to avail discounts offered to students.

Course selection and registration: Register for your chosen courses to ensure your academic journey starts on the right foot.

Campus resources: Gain access to student support services, academic advisors, and other valuable resources designed to support your success.

2. Finalize Your Housing Situation

Finding a comfortable and safe place to live is essential for establishing stability and focusing on your studies. Explore options such as:

On-campus housing: Many universities offer on-campus housing, which can be a convenient and social option, especially for newcomers.

Off-campus housing: If you prefer more independence or require specific amenities, explore private apartments, shared accommodations, or student housing options near campus.

College housing support: Utilize resources offered by your institution, such as housing portals and listings, to find suitable off-campus accommodation.

3. Open a Bank Account

Managing your finances efficiently requires a Canadian bank account. This facilitates daily transactions, bill payments, and receiving income if you are authorized to work.

Offers for international students: Many banks offer specific accounts and services tailored to international students, including reduced fees and special promotions.

Choose a bank: Explore options offered by major Canadian banks, credit unions, and international banks to find the best fit for your needs.

4. Obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

A SIN is crucial for international students who wish to work in Canada. This unique nine-digit number allows you to:

Get paid by employers: All legal employment in Canada requires a SIN for payroll purposes.

Build your credit history: Using your SIN responsibly allows you to build a positive credit score, which can be helpful when applying for loans or renting apartments in the future.

5. Get a Cellphone/Phone Number

Staying connected with friends and family, both locally and internationally, requires a Canadian phone number. Consider the following:

Cellular service providers: Explore options from various providers, each offering diverse plans and devices to suit your budget and communication needs.

Phone plans: Choose a plan that caters to your calling, texting, and data usage needs. Many providers offer international calling add-ons.

Credit score and options: Establishing a Canadian credit score might be required for post-paid plans. Consider pre-paid options if needed, while building your credit history for future flexibility.

Beyond the Five Essentials

While these crucial steps lay the foundation for your success, remember to explore your new surroundings. Immerse yourself in the local culture, connect with fellow students, and participate in campus activities. Take advantage of the resources offered by your university and explore the city. Building a support network and enjoying your time outside academia will enrich your overall experience.


  1. Research and preparation: Conducting thorough research before arriving in Canada can save you time and stress. Familiarize yourself with the steps you need to take and gather the necessary documentation.
  2. Seek assistance: Don't hesitate to reach out for help. Your university's international student office provides valuable support and guidance throughout your journey.
  3. Embrace the experience: Be open to new possibilities, embrace the challenges, and enjoy the unique experience of studying abroad in Canada.

By taking care of these initial steps and immersing yourself in the vibrant student life, you are well on your way to a successful and fulfilling academic journey in Canada.

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