July 14, 2023

Quebec Proposes Making French Obligatory for Immigration

Quebec, as the only province in Canada where French is the official language, has recently announced significant changes to its economic immigration criteria. Premier Francois Legault, along with Minister of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration, Christine Frechette, and Minister of the French Language, Jean-François Roberge, has proposed measures to ensure that nearly 100% of new economic immigrants to Quebec possess proficiency in French before their arrival by 2026. These proposed changes aim to promote Francophone economic immigration in Quebec, preserve the province's unique culture and linguistic identity, and address the decline in the usage of the French language. This article will delve into the details of the proposed changes, their implications, and the underlying rationale.


The Importance of Promoting French Language Skills:

Quebec has been witnessing a decline in the usage of the French language in recent years. Recognizing this trend, the provincial government has taken steps to protect and promote the language. Premier Legault contends that further measures are necessary to reverse this decline. By making knowledge of French a requirement for economic immigrants, Quebec seeks to ensure that newcomers can effectively communicate in French within their workplaces and communities. This move aligns with the province's commitment to preserving the French language as an integral part of Quebec's identity.


The Skilled Worker Selection Program:

Among the proposed changes is the introduction of a new permanent immigration program called the Skilled Worker Selection Program. While the specific evaluation categories have not been disclosed, the province has announced that three of the categories will require both the principal applicant and their accompanying spouse to possess a certain level of French proficiency. This program is designed to align immigration with the diverse needs of Quebec and ensure that new immigrants can make meaningful contributions to the province's economy and society. By prioritizing French language skills, Quebec aims to create a more linguistically cohesive society that can sustain and promote the use of French.


Revisions to Existing Programs:

In addition to the new Skilled Worker Selection Program, revisions will be made to existing immigration programs. For instance, the work experience requirement will be removed from the Quebec Experience Program for graduate students from French-language study programs. This adjustment demonstrates Quebec's commitment to attracting and retaining international students who can contribute to the province's French-speaking workforce. By simplifying the immigration process for French-speaking graduates, Quebec aims to leverage their skills and linguistic abilities to strengthen its labor market.


Family Reunification and Integration:

The proposed changes also address family reunification measures. Going forward, it will become mandatory for the guarantor, the individual responsible for supporting and hosting the immigrant, to submit a reception and integration plan. This plan must support the sponsored individual's French language learning journey, emphasizing the crucial role of language acquisition in successful integration into Quebec society. By fostering language skills within families, Quebec aims to create an environment where French is spoken and transmitted across generations.


Quebec's Unique Immigration Agreement:

Unlike other provinces in Canada, Quebec possesses the authority to select all its economic immigrants. However, it lacks the same authority for family class sponsorship applicants, refugees, and humanitarian classes, which fall under federal jurisdiction. The proposed changes in Quebec's economic immigration programs fall within its purview, highlighting the shared responsibility between the federal and provincial governments in shaping immigration policies. This unique arrangement allows Quebec to tailor its immigration strategies to meet its specific linguistic, cultural, and economic needs.


Increasing Immigration Numbers in Quebec:

Contrary to previous statements opposing an increase in newcomers, Quebec is contemplating raising the number of permanent selection admissions from 50,000 to 60,000 per year by 2027. This adjustment acknowledges Quebec's own labor shortage and the necessity of fulfilling the province's economic needs. While Quebec may differ in its goals from the federal Immigration Levels Plan, both recognize the importance of immigration for sustaining economic growth and addressing labor market demands.



Quebec's proposal to make French obligatory for all economic immigration programs signifies its unwavering commitment to protecting and promoting the French language. By ensuring that nearly all new economic immigrants possess a strong command of French, Quebec aims to preserve its unique cultural identity and foster the use of French in day-to-day interactions. The proposed changes, including the introduction of the Skilled Worker Selection Program and revisions to existing programs, reflect Quebec's proactive efforts to align immigration with its specific needs and objectives. As Quebec forges ahead with its immigration plan, it will continue to strike a delicate balance between the economic benefits of immigration and the preservation of its linguistic and cultural heritage.


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