February 21, 2018

ICCRC Reduces Fee For Minors To Apply Canadian Citizenship

The Canadian Immigration Department, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced on 20 February 2018 that they are going to reduce the processing fee for minors who are trying to apply for Canadian Citizenship. Also, they do not have either a Canadian Parent or having a Permanent Residence parent applying at the same time along with them.

The processing fee for minors who are applying for Canadian Citizenship has been reduced from CAD530 to CAD100.The significant change in the fee will be equivalent to the processing fee paid by minors who have a Canadian citizen or parent applying along with them.


Canadian citizenship


The recent announcement by the Canadian Immigration Department follows the change in Canada’s Citizenship Act. This Act came in to effect in June 2017. It removed the Canadian policy that one must be aged 18 years or more to apply for Canadian citizenship. This again makes the policy convenient for minors who are applying for the Canadian citizenship by themselves.

The Canadian Immigration press release states that the recent change will help more minors. It will include immigrant children who come under Child welfare system to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

The immigration ministry also asserted that any person who paid CAD530 on behalf of any minor application on or after 19 June 2017 will be reimbursed the difference of CAD430. The ministry also confirmed that they will contact the applicants who are eligible to get the refund.