October 11, 2022

How to Fix Mistakes on Your Express Entry Profile?

If you're interested in applying for immigration to Canada using the Express Entry system, you must submit a profile that briefly describes your qualifications, including your career history, skills, and language proficiency. If your profile is strong enough—which requires that you have a high CRS score—you will be encouraged to make an application for Canadian permanent residency.

Naturally, you should give the process your best effort from start to finish, including when filling out the profile. A Canadian immigration consultant should be retained to help you present a convincing and accurate image of yourself on this profile. You'll increase your likelihood of receiving a request to submit an application for Canadian permanent residency by doing this.

We all make mistakes, though, so if one is made when filling up your profile, nothing is lost. If you recently finished the profile but haven't yet gotten an invitation to apply (ITA), you can modify the information you supplied. You have the option to change your profile at this point by adding or removing documents. For instance, your immigration consultant might advise you to retake the language test in order to achieve a higher score. You may proceed to add the new score and remove the old one from the score. If the changes you made will have an impact on the CRS score, you must wait 24 hours for the new score to appear.

The following errors are frequently made by foreign nationals in their Express Entry profile.

  • Inaccurate job experience: Take care not to miss any errors when stating your work experiences in your application's highlighted sections.
  • Incorrectly entering language proficiency test results: This could involve using a non-accepted language proficiency exam or entering erroneous test results in your Express Entry profile. You might need to inform IRCC of the error in any of these scenarios in order to reassure them that you are not a scam.


When alterations cannot be made?

Several factors determine whether or not you are permitted to change your Express Entry profile. There are instances where a candidate is discovered to be ineligible after completing the Express Entry profile. The profile is rejected in this instance, and you are unable to make any changes. Once you log in, you can only access the profile. In this situation, creating a fresh profile with assistance from experienced Canadian immigration consultants would be the best course of action. Your attorney might suggest that you hold off on submitting a fresh application until you've improved your eligibility.

Furthermore, after receiving an ITA, you might not be able to make any changes to the profile. When submitting your application for permanent residence, the information you supplied is locked, but you can add new information. However, you should avoid going down this path because if the immigration authorities discover any false or deceptive information, it is a serious offense and they can accuse you of misrepresentation, which could result in a 5-year ban on you from submitting any applications to the Canadian immigration department.


The processes to modify your Canadian Express Entry profile:

Step 1: Log on to your Express Entry account using a computer or other internet-connected device. Scroll downward and select “What would you like to do today?”

Step 2: Then select “ View my submitted applications or profiles”, and click on “check status and messages”

Step 3: Click on “View submitted applications”

Step 4: As a result, you will see your Express Entry profile. Since you want to make changes, select "Update form." From this point on, you can start editing any fields that were previously filled out with inaccurate or out-of-date information. Make sure that all errors are fixed.

Step 5: After making all required adjustments, select "Save and exit" to update the updated data in your Express Entry profile.


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