July 27, 2023

Canada’s ‘Bridging’ Program for Filipino Nurses

Canada has long been a sought-after destination for immigrants from around the world, including many skilled professionals seeking better career opportunities and quality of life. Among the most desired occupations are nurses, who play a vital role in the Canadian healthcare system. In a recent development, the province of Alberta has taken a significant step to support internationally-educated Filipino nurses through a special 'bridging' program, demonstrating its commitment to the welfare of nurses and the healthcare sector.


The Nursing Bridge Program

The Alberta government has allocated a substantial budget of 7.8 million Canadian dollars (approximately PHP 311 million) to facilitate the nursing bridge program aimed at Filipino nursing graduates currently residing in the province. This program aims to assist eligible internationally-educated nurses (IENs) in covering the expenses related to tuition, cost of living, and nursing bridging training required in Alberta.

The program offers financial assistance ranging from 8,000 up to 30,000 Canadian dollars, providing much-needed support for IENs facing financial barriers while pursuing their nursing careers in Alberta. To be eligible for the program, applicants must be living in Alberta and enrolled full-time in an approved bridging program that commenced in or after January 2023.


Expanding Opportunities

Recognizing the growing demand for nursing professionals, Alberta plans to invest an additional 7.3 million Canadian dollars (approximately PHP 291 million) to create over 600 slots in registered nurse and licensed practical nurse bridging programs across three educational institutions for the Academic Year 2023-2024. This expansion will not only benefit the nursing workforce in Alberta but also open doors of opportunity for more Filipino nurses to contribute their skills and expertise to the Canadian healthcare sector.


A Fruitful Partnership

The decision to launch the nursing bridge program stems from a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the Philippine Consulate General and the Alberta government. This MOU, focusing on the recruitment of Filipino nurses, reflects the shared commitment to foster collaboration between the two regions and strengthen bilateral ties.

Consul General Zaldy Patron, in a virtual briefing, expressed his satisfaction with the financial assistance program and acknowledged the advocacy by the Philippine Consulate General to address the challenges faced by internationally-educated Filipino nurses in Alberta. Many nurses had been unable to practice their profession due to the high costs associated with nursing credentialing and the expenses involved in nursing bridging programs.


A Growing Filipino Community in Alberta

Alberta has emerged as a vibrant hub for Filipino immigrants, with approximately 200,000 Filipinos currently residing and working in the province. This diverse community has made significant contributions to various sectors, including healthcare, enriching the province's cultural fabric and economy.


Future Prospects

The Philippine Consulate General remains dedicated to collaborating with the authorities in Alberta to ensure the successful implementation of the MOU signed in October 2022. Moreover, there is a promising prospect of establishing an Alberta-accredited nursing program in the Philippines, providing IENs with a streamlined pathway to immigrate to Canada.



The nursing bridge program in Alberta stands as a testament to the province's commitment to support and welcome skilled professionals from around the world. By investing in the future of Filipino nurses through financial assistance and educational opportunities, Alberta is fostering a robust and diverse healthcare workforce while offering a promising pathway for Filipino nurses to make Canada their new home.


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